Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fat kitteh

Meet Frk. Larsen.*
She belongs to my cousin and his family.
She's a very fat kitty.
And not always a very friendly one, but i like her anyway.

I went to the bathroom and there she was... snoring on the floor
It looked very comfortable down there
She didn't wake up until i started taking closeups of her face
This is a very bad picture, but it gives a more accurate view of her physique (when she stands, she's shaped kinda like a beach-ball)
Fat kitteh=fat paws and fat paws=awesomeness

Williams birthday was nice.
We had cake and assembled Lego.

*Frk. is Danish for Miss.


  1. lol he does not look impressed with the face closeups.

  2. i love kitty paws!!! she does look unimpressed though... "*ahem* do you mind?"

  3. I believe that's her "piss of or i'll bite you" look.
    Which i did!

  4. awww fat kitties are the cutest!

    I've just started watching Dollhouse cos you blogged about it a while ago and I was curious - I'm enjoying it! :) x

  5. Cool, too bad it got canceled.
    I can't wait to watch the second/final season though!

  6. Puffy kitty! Puffeh. I love chubby animals. I know it's unhealthy and dangerous, but they just look so much happier. And funnier, when in outfits!

  7. Hvad sker der med at mine kommentarer ikke kommer igennem til nogen? Det var det samme i går! Har du et ekstra Helle-spam-filter? Jeg troede vi havde snakket om det!!

  8. Ups, havde jeg slået det til igen?
    Rundstykke, nu er det slukket:)

    I don't think she'd fit in any outfit... except of course a beach ball one!

  9. Look at that face! So not happy to be awaken from its nap!