Monday, May 2, 2011

In which Eckel finds a snake that's not really a snake at all

So, about that gardening work i mentioned in yesterdays post!
After our afternoon of relaxing and napping, we were helping my mom dig up some roots from a tree that had died a while back. The roots where crazy tough and it took all of us getting in there with various tools, and all of us getting more or less dirty, to get them up, but we succeeded.
But while removing the last, big one, Eckel saw something that to me looked like a giant earthworm, lying inside of the root. He removed it and much to my surprise it was not a giant earthworm, but a tiny snake!
Eckel asked me if i wanted to hold it, to which i answered "no, not really", until i quickly realized, that yes, of course i did!
I've never even seen one of these little guys before, and who knows if i ever will again?
It turns out that they're not actually snakes, by the way, but legless lizards.
So, two lizards in one weekend? Nature-score!

It's called a "Stålorm" in Danish, and a "Slow Worm" in English, and they are surprisingly strong, and, as you can see, pretty adorable too

We found a stack of wood and some tall grass nearby that the little guy could burrow into.
I hope he'll be happy there, and that he wasn't too upset with us for waking him and destroying his house.


  1. Oh I love those! In sweden we call them almost the same, kopparorm eller kopparödla. I used to collect them when I was a kid, we had many were I lived, and still have! I used to have them in a baby bath tub were I had moss, stones and other stuff. luckily for them, I always released them a couple of days later. and started collecting frogs instead. etcetera etcetera...hmm, well, anyway, they are lovely!

  2. I had never seen a sneak wannabe lizard like that in my life!
    By the way, i absolutely adore your ring. It's awesome and i really want it!


  3. If you hold it by the tail it will drop it just to get free. But it will grow a new one and survive! Amazing!

  4. Hella J, yep!

    Karolina Pettersson, omg, i played with frogs too! Great minds...!

    Mosquito Head Madchen, thanks, that ring is actually my custom made wedding ring, so the only other one in existence belongs to my husband :)

    Sandy De Luxe, i read that too. So cool!

  5. In czech republic we call them "blind snake" haha, really dont know why.. But they are adorable!

  6. Panda, that's funny. Although they're not very steel-y either!

  7. Wow...the little guy is so shiny and pretty!

  8. Found one in Wales. Apparently it's not a snake at all, it's actually a lizard. Fooled me...