Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another 500 miles

 As i wrote in the previous post, last Sunday we kidnapped Eckel for a day trip to the country.
We all had to work the next day, so we'd planned to go home the same night. It's a relatively short drive down there, and the weather was lovely, so a day trip to the country seemed like a great idea.
Also, shop roadtrip! Yeah, we were all pretty excited about that part.
Eckel hasn't been driving at all since he moved to Denmark, so he drove down there and back, and to no ones surprise he was an excellent driver, and got along very well with Jean-Luc.
We had so much fun driving down there, and i so hope we'll get to do it again soon.
Oh, and another awesome thing! Do you all remember back when we got Jean-Luc the Car and i made that CD to surprise Allan? In short, i made a CD that only had one annoying song on it, and it's pretty much the only CD we have in the car. If you don't remember, read the whole story here.
Anyway, the awesome thing was that we set a new record for how many times you can listen to said song in a row, and the record is... wait for it... 27!
Impressive, right?
Good times.


We stopped at a gas station that sold fuzzy dice, so of course we had to get them and pimp Jean-Luc, who is now officially the baddest car on the block

Snack-mission accomplished

Shorts weather!

When we arrived we went for a long walk

We fed the cows too

When we got back we put on summer hats and relaxed in the sun
We relaxed a lot

My husband is gorgeous, even wearing... this

Lots of sunscreen was applied, but i still got burned

 Lucifer cooled off in the grass

We helped my parents with some garden work (more on that in an upcoming post... don't worry, it's not as dull as it sounds!) and had a nice dinner before heading back to Copenhagen.
I usually fall asleep on the way home, but i actually stayed awake for the whole ride.
And no, we didn't listed to that song going home.
Although, to be honest, i totally could have.


  1. åhhhhhh forkælelse med alle de her billed posts!!

  2. What a great song to listen to on a road trip!!!

    It looks like you had a blast!

  3. looks like you guys had an awesome time! i need to go on more road trips :)

  4. this post made me smile so much, pretty jealous of how awesome your day looked! x

  5. I love the cow, so much cuter than Australian cows

  6. on the first photo, Allen looks like Ozzy !!! hahaha

  7. Guys, you are so cute, haha. Looks like you had a great trip! and Im a big fun of those hats, just stick with them:))

  8. Uncle Allan, kun for dig!

    Alex, some would disagree with that, but you get no argument from me.

    Alycia, we all do!

    Grace, thanks, happy it made you smile.

    Amber, they're adorable, they look like giant dogs.

    nova, my boys strike a mean pose!

    Progression Tattoo, i think these guys might be Scottish or something?

    igl, i think he might take that as a compliment!

    Panda, i think they should wear those all the time too!