Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Marshall's Fiero

Ever since we got the "new" car, one of the things i had been looking most forward to was creating some good mix-tapes (read=Cd's) for our many future road-trips.
The stereo is so old that you can't plug in an iPod, so burning random Cd's to keep in the car seemed like the way to go.
But they weren't playing.
I'd converted the files into mp3's and everything, but the old piece of crap car stereo just wouldn't have it.

Before i go any further with this, i think a little bit of a back story about one of the Cd's, which i will call "Cd Number One" because that's the number i wrote on it, is in order here:
We are huge fans of the show "How I Met Your Mother", and there's this one episode we really love, that revolves around the first car of one of the characters.
This car has a tape stuck in the car stereo, and it plays the same song over and over again.
It doesn't make much sense if you haven't seen it, but it's hilarious.
Anyway, i wanted to surprise Allan, so i made a Cd with just that song on it, repeated about ten times.
I don't know how many of you are married, but those who are will know that it's fucking hard to surprise the person you're sharing your life with.
So every day that went by since i started the project, i could feel Allan getting closer to spontaneously guessing what was on "Cd Number One".

So anyway, last night, on the way to the airport to pick up our friend Crystal, i decided to take my sister-in-laws advice and eject the Cd, put it back in and repeat until started to play.
And after about a million tries it suddenly did!

All the way to the airport it was playing The Proclaimers' epically obnoxious hit "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" over and over again, just like it was supposed to.
It was awesome.
And what was even more awesome (or horrifying, depending on how much you loathe the song) was the fact that it refused to play any other Cd i had made, no matter how many times i tried to make it.
Life imitating... ahem... sit-com?

I have decided that driving around Copenhagen, trying to get this song stuck in the heads of as many people as possible, is my new mission in life
It's so hard to cruise in style when you're driving a run down Peugeot, playing what has to be the one of the most retarded songs in the known universe

In the end, after wasting i don't know how many Cd's and hours, surprising Allan was worth all the trouble.


  1. Haha, den sang har jeg haft i hovedet så mange gange, det er sådan en der borer sig ind. Og en top-romantisk idé, man får helt troen tilbage på det der kærlighedsnoget.

  2. HAAAAAHAHAHAH! Det er fanme så pissesejt!

  3. awesome! that show is the best, hopefully your car is allowed to have food and beverages in it right? ;)

  4. what a super fab story :)