Sunday, April 3, 2011

In which the worlds most anti social couple go to three social events in one weekend

You won't believe it, unless of course you saw it on twitter, but i went to a tattoo convention this weekend.
As a visitor even.
We obviously weren't supposed to be there, we weren't even supposed to be in Denmark, but i figured we should check out the first tattoo convention in Copenhagen in, like, 8 years, since we were here.
And i'm actually glad we did. The whole thing looked and felt like a real convention, something i'd doubted they'd be able to pull off in Copenhagen, and most people even seemed to have work.
Good for them.
We obviously knew a ton of people there, so what was supposed to be a quick in-and-out mission, turned into an almost six hour visit.
But it was fun and, like the Friday night party animals that we are, we went crazy and got ourselves some Thai food on the way home.

My convention outfit of the day was way over the top, but whatever, i don't get out much.
This closeup of the same outfit made the popular page on instagram that day... no, really, it did!

On Saturday we borrowed my parents big car and took my big work desk from home, the one i use for sewing and stuff, and moved it to the shop.
I almost never use it anymore, and a huge desk like that one, one that can even move up and down, will be perfect for when we eventually start doing screen printing at work, so now it resides in one of the back rooms. Our work room at home is back to looking like crap, but since i started obsessing about moving to Nørrebro, i haven't cared that much about the state of the apartment anyway.
So, we stayed at the shop for a few hours, and i finally got around to cleaning our dirty windows and front door. Cleaning windows is not my favorite thing, but i got my reward when we came home just in time to visit Siciliansk Is and get ice cream.
The sun was out and that always makes ice cream taste at least 10 times better.
On days like that, i love living in Copenhagen.

Later that day we had to abandon the dog again and go to my cousin Rasmus' 40th birthday.
Frk. Larsen is not exactly dog friendly, so even though Lucifer gets along fine with cats, he had to stay home.
Most of my family were there and it was good to see everyone, especially the boys.

My feet had a rough time getting out of bed on Saturday

Allan and his trusty kangaroo standing in line for the first ice cream of the season

It looked like this and it was delicious

 At the birthday party i took no pictures of grownups, but lots of pictures of the kids and the cat... as usual

Oh, and food, of course; here's Rasmus' homemade ice cream (twice in one day nearly killed me)

And here's what i wore to the party (i was dressed like a candy gram earlier, but i had to change after the window cleaning)

Poor Lucifer was already sensing that he wasn't invited and wouldn't leave me alone

Oh, and the third social event of the weekend?
Brunch this morning.
Not a huge event, but it was plus people and minus dog, so it totally counts!

We ate in the rain, in comfort, under an awning