Saturday, July 10, 2010


Tuesday, birthday party on Østerbro
Yonas turned seven.... seven!
Strawberry lagkage, so very Danish
It didn't taste bad, William was just making faces
My uncle brought his fancy, old car
The boys went for a ride, but somehow i think Yonas would rather be playing Nintendo
Remember Frk. Larsen?
She was being somewhat friendly that day
Looking at this pretty face, you wouldn't think there was a giant body attached to it, would you?

The boys are visiting us in a little less than two weeks for another sleepover.
I hope the weather will be good, so we can be outdoors all day.


  1. You are mentioned in my lastest "I envy" post where there is a picture of you. If you have any problem with this please leave a note and I'll remove the photo promptly.

    Happy blogging!!!

  2. No problem at all, as long as there's a link to my blog it's all good.
    Thanks for including me and the husband in your post:)

  3. woo hoo looks like a super duper fun party! Kiddoo birthday parties are always so fun...they just find such joy in the whole day :) love it!

    The car is also super spiffy and am drooling over cake.