Thursday, November 11, 2010


Ok, so enough about the tattoos, now it's time to talk about the kitty in the last post.

On Monday while Allan was getting tattooed, Chisato came to the shop with a box that had a three week old kitten in it (of course we didn't know her age at this point, just that she was really tiny and friggin adorable.)
It turns out that Shige and Chisato had rescued her that morning, after she'd been abandoned in a basement.
Good thing they heard her cry, who knows how long she would have lasted on her own? I'm guessing not long.

Anyway, after we'd been introduced, Chisato took her to the animal hospital.
She got some kitten formula and some shots, and the doctors determined her age and sex.

Luckily they came straight back to work afterwards, so i could take some more pictures!
Enjoy, kitty fans!

Before the hospital we tried to get a good shot of the squirmy little devil
In her box
Sleepy kitty
With her new dad, after the hospital
When she started sucking on my sushi tattoo, we just thought it was funny, until we realized that the poor little thing was so hungry she was trying to nurse on my arm
The formula was prepared quickly and she started eating right away
At first she was almost biting the bottle, but after a while she calmed down
Look at that little paw
They were so soft
Ayaka came back from school just in time to help with the feeding

I saw her the next day too, and even got to pet her a little while i was getting tattooed.
She looks really healthy now, and i think she's gonna be just fine.

*This picture may be my new favorite cat picture ever (the previous favorite is of course this one)!


  1. That is a very good-looking kitten. I can't stop looking at your close-up shots of her. I'm glad that your friends were kind enough to rescue her.

  2. Årgh ja! OD på cuteness fra morgenstunden!

  3. quieeek...!!! cute little fluffy

  4. Nååååårh, hvor er den nuttet, og tænk en gang, at den bare var blevet forladt. tsk tsk.


  5. Soooooo cute!!!!! Glad it got rescued, your pictures are awesome

  6. Eesh, how cool are Chisato's nails??

    That cat is too precious. Little bottle! Little meow.

  7. Cutest kitten ever! Such great pictures and such good friends for taking care of her! Love your blog!

    hooray for the kitten rescue.

  9. Damn, she is so cute, i cant stand this much cuteness.D
    We are going to adopt a kitten this weekend too, so I am really excited:)
    Enjoy your tattoo sessions

  10. I'm gonna try to find some more cute japanese animals for you, but i'm afraid nothing tops this one in cuteness.
    Maybe i'll see her next week!