Thursday, April 23, 2009


I can't believe it's almost time.
A month is never enough, no matter how you look at it.

But we've had a great trip.
We always do, but i feel like this time we've done some things that have been on the to-do list for way too long (like visiting our friends in Akita and going to the Ghibli and Kyosai museums) and we've also been studying japanese way more than usual.
I'm very happy about that last one in particular, since i always forget to study while i'm actually here.

Today we went to Yokohama for Allans last session on his back on this trip.
It's looking great by the way, although the session was cut short cause Shige had to go pick up his kid.
But Allan didn't mind, i'm sure.

I went to Sankeien Garden again, and it was even better this time.
Now, of course i have tons of pictures to post, but we have a rather large box of crap we need to send home tomorrow morning and it ain't gonna pack itself.
Why oh why do i buy so many things?*

But, there is this one shot that i have to share now, and i know you guys will appreciate it's awesomeness!
I took it right as i was about to leave the garden.

Best. Cat model. Ever.

I don't know how much i'm gonna have time to post before going home, tomorrow is our last day and all that (no it's not, no it's not, no it's not).
Maybe one last Japan-post tomorrow, or maybe i'll see you in Denmark instead.

*No, i haven't even shown you guys half of it.


  1. i cant even believe its been a month already! madness!

    that cat IS awesome by the way. i love it. way too much. i might even steal it to show my friends. you'll get photo credit obviously!

  2. Go ahead, the awesomeness of this cat must be shared with the whole world!

  3. you're right! it's awesome! go, kitty, go!

  4. Ha ha ha!! Det er satme et fedt billede!!!
    Øv at det allerede er ved at være slut med ferie. Jeg blir altid melankolsk de sidste dage, inden jeg skal hjem til real life!
    Glæder mig dog til at se jer og høre røverhistorier fra det vilde Østen!

  5. that picture is just way too awesome!!! I love it! :)

    and i cant believe its been a month already! time just goes way too fast!


  6. I wish for you that your stuff would pack itself while you are sleeping.

    Dang, I wish for real that you would stay another week...or even 5 days...shit. Don't go back!

  7. I don't want to!!!
    And we even have to get up super early... everything sucks right now.