Friday, October 22, 2010


There are a lot of things i loathe about Copenhagen, but there are also a few things i love, and one of them is the bird life by the lakes.
Surprise, right?
One of my favorite birds is, another surprise, the Great Blue Heron, and today was a good day for Amalie the Heron lover.
"Hejremanden", The Heron Man, was hanging out by my side of the lake as i came to work, and after dropping off Lucifer at the shop, i hurried back to take some pictures of him and his posse.
The Heron man is, as the name may suggest, this dude who can talk to the herons.
He feeds them, talks to them, and it's obvious that they know him.
I haven't actually seen him by this lake before, but maybe the swan-switcharoo (which, after careful observation, has recently gone from "theory" to "fact") has affected his homies as well?
Whatever the reason, i was stoked to find him there.

The Heron man and two of his feathered friends
He had stopped feeding them when i got there, they were just hanging
And then this guy stuck his tongue out at me
Such a beautiful day...

And for your viewing pleasure, here's the Heron Man in action.
When i shot this he had just called the herons back over after some joggers and a dog chased them away.

I would love to talk to him and ask him some questions about the bird situation in our lakes, but somehow i sense that he doesn't like talking to humans much.

You can't hear it, but he said "go on, jump up on the trashcan"


  1. I've never seen a heron! The Heron Man reminds me of the Glass Man from Amelie, a little bit.

  2. Maybe his raising a 'winged army of vengeance' to rise up against all the joggers who take over the lakes. :P

  3. wow, that's awesome! I always get so excited when I see a heron, that guy is so cool!

  4. Fawn and Flower, because of the little hat, maybe?

    MinusAll, wouldn't that be glorious!? I'd put on a set of wings and be his minion!

    samboy, he really is.

  5. Jeg elsker Hejremanden! Men det er lidt skørt, at han har flyttet sig, når nu han altid plejer at sidde i Frb. Have... hmm.


  6. wow thats so cool! i wonder what his story is..

  7. Nej, hvor er det fantastisk. Nu får jeg pilrådden samvittighed over at jeg ikke har været uden for en dør idag. Tømmermænd er nogle krævende stødere. Jeg har aldrig set hejre manden før.. men jeg har altid undret mig over at hejrerne holder så lang afstand til hinanden. Det var iøvrigt dejligt at vide at jeg idetmindste ikke er gået glip af det fede loppemarked idag.

  8. He he hvor cool, ham har jeg da aldrig set på mine ture rundt om søerne....jeg må vist tage en tur til.

    Elsker måden hejren rent faktisk følger han råd om at sætte sig på skraldespanden.

    Tak for det underholdende klip og de fine billeder.

  9. This is freaking amazing! That's all I have to say.

  10. What a character. I'd love to see this 'Hejremanden'.

    Can I ask: have you seen him recently? Or heard any news about him?

  11. Hi Richard, no, it's been a while since i've seen him, but his real hangout is Frederiksberg Have and not the lakes, so that's not unusual.