Saturday, October 9, 2010


I was walking the dog a few weeks ago, when i noticed something different about the lake.
At first i couldn't put my finger on it, but then i realized what had changed.
It was full of swans.
Now, i know i'm always taking swan pictures by the lakes, and maybe you're wondering why day this was so different, but the thing is that for a long time (i can't say exactly how long), only two swans have been living in this lake.
According to a man i often talk to while we walk our dogs together, the male swan in this couple have been doing a good job at being an alpha bird and keeping all the other swans confined to their own lakes, but no more.
He even speculated that the grumpy, old bird had perhaps passed away, but i don't believe that to be the case.
For the past week i've been observing both lakes as i ride my bike to work, and get this; the lake where all the other swans used to live now has (you probably guessed it): two swans in it!
They must have pulled a swan-switcharoo!
I wish i knew an ornithologist who could explain this situation to me, but for now i'm sticking to my own hypothesis; the King has been dethroned.

The king and his queen?
The victors

Another pretty common bird in Copenhagen is the Great Blue Heron.
I have always loved these, and whenever they stand close to populated areas, i always have to stop for a moment to appreciate them.
They look so beautiful and out of place in a city, and that just makes me love them more.
For a long time, before i finally decided to go with the fox idea, i wanted Shige to do a Heron on me, and i still want a Heron tattoo at some point.

I saw this guy on the way to work today
I felt like embracing fall today!
(Cape: Vintage bought from a client, Shoes: Office, Tights: WoodWood, Skirt: Vintage from etsy, Hat: handmade from eBay, Cardigan: Acne, Gloves: Muji)

We were supposed to go out tonight, but because we still can't seem to get rid of our colds, we stayed in with some pizza and a movie.
Come to think of it, that's pretty much how we spend every Friday!
But at least we had a wonderful day at work.


  1. I think your city looks so amazing. I love the buildings. We also have a lot of Blue Herrrons in Portland...sometimes they like to party in our backyard but I don't mind.

  2. love your fall look!
    it's totally fall here too. rain rain rain. already. sigh.
    though i do love the sweater weather.

  3. Vanessa, i certainly wouldn't mind a heron party either!

    Alice, ugh, bummer about the rain. At least it's dry here for now (maybe the weather is making up for the friggin monsoons we had in august?)

    Hey, it's Portland comment day!

  4. Love the fact your dogs named Lucifer and your shop Conspiracy Inc. haha (L)
    You're into that stuff? Cause I am ;p
    Sometime it's just super awesome to read that kind of stuff!
    Awesome blog!


  5. wow this cape is really pretty... I'm a little jealous, though I know it suits you a lot better :)

  6. Hej Amalie, nu har du fået mig til at nærkigge på svanebestanden, og du har ret der er gået vild svane-switcharoon i den. For enden af min vej ligner søen mest af alt et gerningssted, enten er der en svane der er blevet slået ihjel, eller også er der nogen der har tømt en hovedpude for at gøre mig bange. Man bløder jo med de fugle, for fanden, der må ikke ske dem noget og de skal allesammen være gode venner forevigt. Sig til hvis du løser mysteriet.

  7. Bruno, well, Lucifer is really just a name we liked, so is Conspiracy Inc.
    Buuut, i do like a good conspiracy theory:)

    Lilly Panic, pssh, you'd easily pull that off!

    Sandra, jeg har godt bemærket fjerene, men i dag så jeg også en del i vandet nede omkring Øster Søgade, så det er forhåbentlig bare overskuds fjer fra de mange nye beboere.
    Det er stadig mærkeligt at se alt det liv dernede, i dag var der både hejrer, skarver og svaner ude på øen!