Wednesday, June 23, 2010


On Monday we got some late/early birthday goodies all the way from Hong Kong.
Thanks Nick!

Box of awesomeness (the weird frame is from the Photoshop iPhone app, a great app in general, but i guess i won't be using that particular effect again)
Holga, before it gets all expensive and Lomo-fied
I'll let Allan post about his present, but this (not so) little, pink beauty is all mine

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday and i'm hoping that the photo place will have an easier time developing these than my Diana prints.*

When we got home last night there was a letter with flash from Toshi, not a birthday present, but a nice surprise nonetheless

*The reason i still haven't posted those is because they basically fucked them up.
Some of my pictures where actually really good, but they cut them wrong, and many of them weren't even included on the CD.
I made a cute photo album with them anyway, and i'll see if i can get some good pictures of that one day soon.


  1. I've got a holga too but I just can't get into analog photography. I take way too long to take pictures because I'm afraid they will look bad. And then when I had them developed they only gave me dias. wtf? It cost me a fortune and I can't even look at them. So the holga is hibernating somewhere in a drawer....

  2. Betty, i have a lot of problems getting mine developed the way i like, and getting them on time.
    No photo stores in Denmark have their own labs anymore, so it takes forever.
    That's why we're making our own photo lab (eventually) at the shop!