Tuesday, April 27, 2010


With such a short time here*, it can seem like a waste to stay at home just because it's a little chilly outside.
But i figure it's ok, as long as the time is spent doing something fun or practical.
Or both.

Today it rained and i did my hiragana homework
Studying is hard when you don't really have to, but it's kinda fun too
My reward!
I also finished doing my nails (although this is taken before the final topcoats)
Something had to be done, as the glorious green had turned my nails a disgusting nicotine yellow
And i wanted my nails to match my new cropped cardigan from w closet

*Yes, a month is a terribly short time.


  1. You and your fancy nails. Love them!

  2. the cat whisperer + Alex, thanks!!
    I bought some extra stickers so i can do them again for Long Beach!

  3. You and your nails make me very happy :) Your blog is a daily pleasure

  4. for how long do you study japanese now? its japanese right^^??

  5. The nails are fab! I think that if I manage to get an appointment with allan in the london convention, you should do my nails while he does my leg! ;)

  6. ..and now I've got the socks to match! Ha ha!

  7. Tanya, thanks, glad it's not a daily pain in the ass!!

    Tinka, thanks, they're a little worn already, but still cute though!

    Sandra Valerie, on and off for a while, but i've been practicing hiragana, one of three writing systems in Japan, for the past month.

    Hella J, har først lige set dem nu!

    samboy, you're on!

  8. "one of the three"? O.O do all the japanese even know all of them? they have to have three brains too! haha

    i'm pretty impressed that you can manage this all.

  9. Actually, they must have four brains then, because they all have to know our alphabet too!
    I'll be more than happy if i can some day master one!

  10. I was going to comment that those look like Queen Mary nails! I see above they WILL BE Queen Mary nails, so I'll get to see the awesomeness in person! Great minds think alike :-)

  11. I'll bring enough for the both of us!