Monday, April 12, 2010

Day off

It is raining neko's and inu's today, but despite that, and some sad news from home, me and my husband are still having a nice day off together.
Normally when we come here our schedule is so full of work, tattoo appointments, travels and shows, that we rarely have a chance to just hang out at home.
But this time, with our relaxed schedule and huge apartment, we're able to just stay in on a rainy day, and that's pretty great.

Ok, so we didn't stay in all day, here's my breakfast BLT with cheese and egg from the café
Back home Allan started drawing for a new secret project
And i started reading a book i bought at Tower the other day
I also took a bath and this strawberry scented stuff turned the water pink*
I have this one too, how cute is that?
I painted my nails a deep, dark green (which you can't see in this picture, at all)
For dinner we went to the Yonchome Café which is one of my old Koenji favorites, but today it seemed an impossible task to find a table next to someone who wasn't chain smoking (seriously, who the fuck does that anymore?)

For dessert we shared this rather large cake with honey, cinnamon and cream cheese... soooo good!

Now we're back to reading/blogging/drawing and contemplating a trip to the 24 hour Jeans Mate, but since it's still raining we might just stay in.

*I actually find it hard to just sit in the water (which is always too hot, until you get in and then it's all of a sudden too cold) and do nothing for an extended period of time.
Maybe it's because i have no bathtub at home, or because my dad always said it's a waste of water, but i'm just not a big fan.
I get restless too.
I think i lasted 10 minuted today.


  1. Jeg har det på samme måde. I teorien lyder det himmelsk, men i praksis er 10 min rigeligt!
    Og jeg kommer altid til at tænke på den Steen og Stoffer, hvor Steen skal i bad og han tænker "dreng forsvundet. Stor lyserød rosin fundet i badekar".

  2. I hate baths they are so crap!

    Hope everything is ok at home x

  3. Dark green?! I can only ever find kelly or lime shades- what brand is that polish? (That is, if you want to share your secret! No pressure!)

    Rainy days off are awesome sometimes.

  4. I only like baths if I am really sick. But that usually means i have to clean the tub first.. and cause im sick at the time.. I dont want to do it... soooo.....

    no baths.

    they suck.

    now hot tubs..... that is another story..

  5. Teagan, of course, i love sharing!

    It's RIMMEL's "Speedy Finish +minerals", no idea what the color is called, but i'm sure they only made this one dark green.
    It might be one of those "made for the Japanese market" things, but i hope not.
    It doesn't cover as well as it promised, but it dries fast and looks great after 2-3 coats.
    The green is so dark that it's almost black!

  6. We have a saying in Japanese about people like you who cannot take long baths. It's crow taking a bath in a washtub. Remember seeing them taking a quick bath in Ebisu? That's exactly that!

  7. Haha, i remember, that's me alright!!