Monday, February 22, 2010

Ok, awesome

I've been packing at the shop all day.
Mostly taking down frames and shelves and removing screws from the walls, crap like that.
Real packing starts tomorrow when i actually have boxes.
We're moving this weekend and something tells me it'll be a while before we get to relax again.

Anyway, i was taking a break and checking my Twitter and found something that put me in a good mood:

Me and Anne had been talking about seeing Valient Thorr, but i wasn't expecting them to join the (Danish) conversation!
I didn't even know they had an account.

But seriously, the Roskilde program is starting to look pretty good already, we need someone to hook us up again.


  1. aw I know Stan too! (having just looked at the old post) He's a super good dude! Roskilde looks so good, I'm always away when it's on :(


  2. Awesome, Stan is super nice!
    If you see him please tell him Allan and me said hi!

  3. I sure will. I saw him last week but I think he's in Germany now! xx