Sunday, January 17, 2010

Film part one

I have about a million weird little cameras lying around my apartment.
Sometimes i'll forget that there's film in one, and when i finally get it developed, there's like 6 months between photos.
That's what happened with this little Japanese toy cam i was carrying around over Christmas.
I know you've already seen the scenery before, but whatever, here it is again with a different camera!
None of them are edited by the way, that's why there's an unattractive black line around some of them.

Cloudy day
I just really like the name of this boat
Old fishing boats
Fish corpse
Older pictures from the same film coming up soon.


  1. Hi hi, mit gamle analog kamera er dødt for batteri og jeg ved, at der er en film i, men hvad der er på....? Og jeg friggin glemmer altid at købe batterier, så mysteriet kan afsløres! Måske det er billeder af dig? Så længe har det snart ligget!

    Mutti er et cool navn. Og fiskeskelettet sejt!

  2. wow that fish looks so cool!

    Great pictures :) x

  3. old fishing boat is so pretty.

    lovely photgraphs.