Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thursday shopping

Rilakkuma travel slippers, good when you're on an airplane

Mystery boxes and a catbus
Rilakkuma plastic folders, i use them for various papers and brochures and Allan uses them for client files
Blythe folder (medium size) and postcard book
Cheap toy camera with three different covers
Good thing i bought it too, my battery just died
Totoro lunchbox
J-pop (Perfume and BoA) from Tower Records and Ghibli soundtrack (not as great as it sounds) from Village Vanguard
Kimono magazine, one of my favorites, and a cute hat book from Village Vanguard
Lace tape, bathsalt and a candle


  1. Those are all so special! The other day I almost asked, "How are you NOT buying everything that you see there?" but now it looks like you are, haha. A cat bus? Uh MAGICAL?

  2. i have same catbus too!! and like one-room disco lol nice song :)

  3. I love the slippers, but I don't think I could pull off the look as well as you. :/ Oh well.

  4. oh wow! so many pretty things! i want the totoro lunchbox! :O xxx

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  6. you are doing some fine work there missy!

  7. Thanks all, i am doing my best to rid Tokyo of all things cute once and for all!

    Ps. Disco is soooo good, but it's scary how much it sounds like the last Meg album!