Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 20th

Todays calendar gift; a fancy little frame from Urban Outfitters.
I wanna put a picture of me and Allan in it, but i don't think i have any really nice ones.
Maybe this one?


A couple of days ago, Adele asked what we wear here when it's too cold to wear tights.
The answer is: everything.

Layers, layers, layers.
(Fake fur hat: Vintage, Boots: hand me downs, Jeans: Jeansmate, Red cardigan: Lowry's Farm, Brown cardigan: Uniqlo, Shirt: Vintage, Neck-warmer: 100 Yen Shop)

I've been meaning to buy a decent coat this year (i say that every year and i still don't have one), and some warm boots, but it seems i wasn't the only one who had that thought.
We went to the Carhartt store today and the selection was pitiful.
One warm coat left, and it was a size large.
Lets hope i find another one soon, or, even better, that it gets a little warmer.

On our way home we stopped by Young and Nick to give them some sorry-you're-working-on-a-Sunday-muffins.
Then we went to the lakes to walk Lucifer, but we had to first stop and help an old lady who fell and hit her head while walking her poodle, and then stop and help a young swan that was being attacked by a bigger swan.
They're scary as hell swans, even when you're the one holding a stick, but rape is not acceptable just cause you're a pretty bird!
It was not great rescue mission weather and even after lying with my boys on the couch, watching the movie that made me lose all respect for Christian Bale, i still feel cold in my bones.

Tomorrow is our last day working before Christmas.


  1. finding a good coat is hard! at least you look pretty cute bundled up. :)

  2. Whoa. How embarrassing. Maybe he thinks he really is Patrick Bateman!

    I like your boots, they're all fluffy and warm looking. I need a better coat as well. I found that I really don't hate the cold weather as much as I thought I did, it just feels like I do because I'm always under-dressed. When I wear a proper coat, I love snow!

  3. Jeg kan ikke udstå Christian Bale, har aldrig fanget al halløjet omkring ham. Han er nasty.

    Og det er godt I holder øje med de stakkels hårdtarbejdende mennesker, svanerne og de gamle damer. Nogen må holde orden i den by her!

  4. I don't know if I could handle being so cold. The temperatures in New Zealand (in December, a summer month mind you) were about 16 degrees Celsius and I was freezing my butt off. I had to layer and buy thermals to survive!
    Then again, I could handle some more cool weather right now - today was around the 35 degrees Celsius mark.
    That frame is awesome, and you should totally put that picture in. Lucifer is far too cute.

  5. I've not seen scary swans but they are so pretty how can they be so mean!!

    Anywayy I never got to mention that I really like the cat photo you took in Japan, the super furry black brown one that looks like a queen.

    Merry christmas to u, allan and lucifer!!!

  6. det var en dejlig muffin! tak!

  7. Up until it started going below -15C, I wore my "normal" coat. The key is layers, layers, layers and thermal stuff.