Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well, fuck this

On the subject of copycats ( i know we've moved away from that subject a while ago, but hey, we're back) an old pain in my ass is back.

I never wrote about this when it first happened, cause i don't like to talk shit about people on my blog, but once there was this person who liked to copy my blog.
I politely asked her not to and she refused, so i blocked her from my followers and myspace and that was that, i hoped.
Well, today i stumbled upon her new blog and what do you know, she's back to copy pasting my words and pictures in the most obvious way.
Now, maybe it's not a big deal, but they're my words, my opinions and i find it creepy and offensive when other people publish them as their own.

I'm gonna do now what i didn't want to do back then, and link to these posts in the hope that she'll feel like an ass and take them down and maybe, you know, get her own opinions or something.
There might be more, i don't wanna spend my whole night reading her blog, so these are just the most obvious ones.

So, here's my post about lame celebrity tattoos and here's my post on another blog.
If you scroll down beyond the first paragraph you'll see that most parts, even the friggin labels, are just copy/pasted from my blog.

And here's another old one, a rant i went on about harem pants (still hate them, by the way) and here's pretty much the same rant, on her blog.

Ok, thats' all i'm gonna say on this matter, i hope.
I really don't want the blog to be a place where i bitch about people being lame, but bitch, this is too lame.


  1. What a strange fish.

    It's weird enough when someone copies a tattoo, but stealing your actual words is most peculiar.

    You can even tell the bits she pasted because they are much better written than the rest of her blog.

    Chin up sunshine, the imitators never look as good as the originals.


  2. i flagged her on blogger. what an absolute turd!

  3. How pathetic! I hope she stops with it. Kinda creepy actually...

  4. Soooo Creepy!!! It's like you have a blog stalker.

  5. Hun er da skingrende sindssyg!

    Jeg var ude for noget lignende engang, mens jeg stadig boede i København. En pige (der også boede i København OG havde en del venner tilfælles med mig) blev ved med at stjæle mine billeder fra Myspace, inklusiv en illustration min veninde havde lavet af mig. Og brugte dem som sine egne profilbilleder! Tror de ikke, man finder ud af det?!

    Jeg håber, hun bliver flov, nu hvor du har named og shamed hende.

  6. Puuuuha, for en klammert! Og tænk, at hun så hårdnakket nægtede sidst. B-i-a-t-c-h! En sørgelig en af slagsen no less!

  7. Copy F*ck! Det er jo platness lige dér! Altså ingen identitet = ingen blog, Lär det dog! - pinligt for pigen! - Men ingen kan lave din nye header!! Som jo'nu'altså er MEGET flot!

  8. Det er simpelthen for langt ude! Sådan lidt ligesom efterabning i folkeskolen -det er bare somom det er værre, når man er voksen ikk'.


  9. You guys are so awesome, you're seriously the best blog buddies a blogger could ever hope for!

    And it is too much, right, it's not just me?
    I worried that people would take this the wrong way, name calling and stuff like that isn't normally my thing, and i hate to seem petty but like i said, this isn't the first time she's done this and i guess everyone has a breaking point.

    Maybe i should just be glad that her blog is at least not called *her name* untitled blog anymore?
    Or that her "about me" isn't actually about ME anymore?

    Ps. Anne, creepy at blive kopieret af en i samme by, i det mindste bor min stlker langt væk!

  10. Go and kick some ass!

  11. hun er da helt crazy! Hun har også hugget din harembukse kritik!


    Jeg syntes det er meget provokerende og få lyst til at skælde hende ud! måske ruske lidt i hende eller give hende en lammer.. og der skal altsår ik så tit jeg bliver voldelig..

  12. Hun er virkelig super plat.
    Og jeg forstår slet ikke hendes trang til at ha' en blog.
    Hvorfor ha' en blog når du ikke har noget at sige?
    Jeg var også bare så vred i går da jeg fandt det, og hvis hun havde været i DK og ikke så fandens langt væk havde hun helt sikkert fået en lammer eller to!

  13. Fuck hende, hvem kender vi i austalien der lige kan kigge forbi og gi' hende de lammere dér?

  14. ha! this is so ridiculous.
    i had no idea people did that.
    what a freak.

  15. wow..
    she's so weird and you're so right to be mad! i can't even believe that she felt the need to copy what you'd said, and worse than that, she didn't even change the words?!

    some people have way too much time on their hands.maybe she should get out more...and then she might actually have something to write about!

    you're rad.she isn't.the end!

  16. Obiously, the woman has no personality of her own ... that's why she has to use somebody else's!!
    When you think of it, it's actually rather scary!! - Perhaps the rest of her blog is also "stolen" from other people's blogs??!!
    Hopefully, she'll blush very shamefully when she reads all the comments we have posted on her blog!
    Anyway, she will never be as creative or interesting or pretty and loveable as you!!!


  17. Thats creepy on a lot of levels. Mostly on the "single white female" level. At least she doesn't live close....

  18. i wonder how many other blogs she copies there...

  19. I joined in with the hate leaving! :)

    Seriously, we all love you (hence there being a million of us following you!), but not one of us feels the need to copy everything you say!

    There is only one Amalie :) xxx