Thursday, October 15, 2009


We had a pretty mellow day at the shop today, but we did manage to get some tattooing done.
She still needs a bit (or a lot) of touchup, but other than that, my Russian antler girl is finally finished.
Now, enjoy a picture of my bloody shoulder!


Oh, and to those of you following the drama regarding my Australian single-white-female-copycat (thanks for that one, Roger!), here's an update.
After i posted my angry rant about this person copying my work, a lot of my loyal and awesome readers (including my otherwise mild mannered mother in law!) left comments on her blog, politely asking her to stop fucking copying me, and delete the posts.
She didn't.
She just deleted their comments.
But since my friends aren't that easy to scare off, and just left her new ones, she has now closed her blog for comments.
But the posts with my words in them have not been deleted.
And that's that.

So how do i feel about the whole thing?
I hope, of course, that she's come to her senses and is done stealing from me, but i've been there before so i'm not convinced.

Ps. If you're reading this (and we both know you are): i think you're an asshat.


  1. WERD!
    Og meget FLOT skulder!
    Kan ikke vente til det bliver min tur -

  2. Can't you complain to Blogger or something? She sucks!

  3. the arm looks beautiful! :)

    i cant believe she's such a dickhead

    lets all head to austrailia and form a gang and kick her ass!

    hell, you have 91 followers and god knows how many lurkers, we could form Amalie's Army! xxx

  4. We don't like you asshat!

    Men vi kan godt lide din skulder! Yum!!

  5. Your antler girl is really adorable! c",)

    As for forming that army thing - I'm all in!! But just so that we don't get confused with AA, I suggest we call it Amalie's Awesome Army!! - Or how about: Amalie's Awesome Aussie-Kicking Army??


  6. OMG your new tattoo work looks amazingly awsome :) LOVE IT!

    As for your SWF...well I think its just kinda sad. I don't feel angry, which I would normally do if someone was an ass to a friend of mine. Because its such a sad thing to do....I honestly dont think its a mean thing...I really just think she has no real friends and doesnt think enough of herself to have her own ideas or thoughts. So she saw some she liked and copied them. People do it with fashion, political thoughts and lots of other things all the time. It doesnt make them bad people, it just makes them drone/slave people, devoid of any thoughts of their own or the ability to have sympathy for another. In normal land this girl would never have done something like this. Having done it, we would all think she would feel badly and take down the post, never to do it again. AGAIN we know that also not to be I just feel sad for her. I feel sad that she finds no value in her own thoughts and creative mind :( Nor does she value you as a real, thinking and feeling person who would be upset by her actions. Again fail in the humanity departement on her part. I hope she is able to look back at this and learn some kind of lesson, realize her mistake and give you an apology for her behavior.

  7. I agree with you a lot, Tanya, and while the idea of having a personal army is appealing (ha!) we're all lovers not fighters, right guys?

    I'm not waiting for an apology though, she's had the opportunity to do that before, but refused to even acknowledge the issue.

    I'm not angry anymore, i just think it's annoying.
    And i think the part that annoys me the most is how cocky people can be when they're hiding behind a screen.
    She's probably never act like that in real life, or be as rude to me as she was the last time i tried to make her knock this off, but it's just the internet, so you can say whatever you want, right?
    I always try not to write anything to people online that i wouldn't say to their face, you know?
    Like you said, she doesn't see me, or anyone here, as real people and that's a huge problem, in my opinion.

    Thanks for your comments guys, they're always appreciated!

  8. Wowser, she really didn't try to disguise it, did she? I am embarrassed that she is Australian - we aren't all douchebag plagiarists, I swear!
    Flattery and all that I guess, but still, so very very frustrating. She will learn one day. Don't be concerned, nobody will want to follow her vacuous and unappealing blog anyways.

  9. She obviously has issues, man. What a coward.

  10. That is beyond creepy - I don't understand people... At least your finished tattoo is very cute.

  11. I don't understand people either, never will.
    Oh and Adele, i love Australians, you have great accents and say "heaps" all the time, so one bad apple isn't gonna affect my opinion!