Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ldn. pt. 3

This was gonna be the day for dressing fancy.
Remember that hairband with the bird-nest i didn't wanna show you just yet?
I was wearing that.
And a cute outfit too, but sadly i won't be able to show you that cause no one took pictures of it.
I thought Allan did, but no, he didn't.
He was probably working, is what you're thinking, right?
Not all the time, no.
He found time to take pictures of everybody else there including 9 pictures of Hunter and, get this, 23 pictures of Kent.
If i sound bitter it's because i am.
I mean, sure, we all like to take pictures of Kent, he's friggin adorable, but 23?
I know it doesn't matter, but it still kinda hurt my feelings.

Here he is, the man who apparently stole my husbands heart
Here is the one picture of me from that day, if i'd have known it would be the only one i would have made the effort to not look like a dork
Anki, Sascha and Hata waiting for the morning cab
One of Allans clients was getting this majestic wizard lasered off... can't imagine why
A rare glimpse of the outside world
Dinner at an Indian restaurant, with epic paintings, on Brick Lane
Hunter posing with Lady Di
I didn't even eat half of this and i still got sick... indian food is just not my friend anymore

Saturday was a busy day at the booth, lots of stuff being sold and lots of people being talked to.
Allan had to cancel a client because he didn't have time for him, but otherwise it was a good day.
I talked to a lot of cool people, some i knew from myspace and some i'd never met before.
Some even asked about hat stuff and that always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I also started noticing that a lot more people are reading this blog than i thought, and some commented on my crappy mood these past weeks.
I didn't think it had been that obvious, but now that it's been pointed out to me, i'm definitely gonna try to be less of a downer in the future!


  1. Thanks, i was really happy with the way that turned out too!

  2. ooh you should have wore the birdsnest hat on sunday so I could have stolen it!

    its beautiful, well done :)

    i realised i didnt take any photos of you either! i took two all day, both of the big hogs head sticking out of the wall in the market area! doh!xxx

  3. Ha ha I've eaten here several times. You can't beat a curry on Brick Lane :)