Tuesday, September 15, 2009

At least it's not really monday anymore

Not really in a super bloggin mood today.
Weird, i know.
I've only taken one picture today and that's so unlike me.
I guess it's just monday.
Also, i started the day by sitting my ass down on a cold, seat-less toilet and well, that just always puts me in a bit of a mood, especially when i'm just barely awake.

But i did get a few important things done today, you know, besides work.
I went on a final (i hope) flower hunt for the custom project and found a smaller, whiter rose and a matching black one.
They ended up costing me more that i'm used to paying for flowers, but it'll be worth it.
I also made a stop at the post office and at the stationary shop where i bought at least four different kinds of tape.
Man, i really like tape for some reason.

The evening went by too fast, but don't they always?
I need to not go to bed at 4 am like i did last night... maybe soon.

Working on something for myself


  1. oof seat-less toilets are no fun :(

    I like your ad-free blog icon. I'll defnitely put it on my blog too. I hate ads on blogs

  2. Nederen med bar mås på koldt vådt sæde! Uff!

    Dit projekt ser fint ud! Du blir fin med rede, svaner og sager!

    Hvornår skal dit custom job være færdig?

  3. Our bathroom is always super cold and Allan forgot to put the seat down:(
    I'm like a zombie in the morning, so i didn't check.

  4. Right on, Betty, i'm not a big fan of ads anywhere!