Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Take out, no more

The day i come home early and decide spend my time off cooking real food, instead of doing all the crafty stuff i'd originally planned, is the day Allan comes home super, duper late.
As in way past midnight late.
Lucky for me, it's that magical time of year, Eurovision time that is, and i watched some of it on my computer while eating dinner.

Faux Japanese cuisine, the hikiji salad is inspired by Ai
I have a feeling that icelands powerballad will win, but it's only the first of the semi finals, so anything can happen
Sneaky little chopstick stand
Tea time from earlier today, the Bodum pot was a present from my friend Blaine
This is yesterdays dinner, a crispy salad and spicy cod roe and nori spaghetti (i bought the mix in Japan) served on my funky flea market plates

After i'd eaten dinner, Nick came over and we played Gears of War 2 until Allan came home.
It's been too long since i've played that game and it felt pretty good being back in Dominic Santiagos combat boots.
Right now we're all watching The Spy Who Loved Me, so i should probably stop typing now.


  1. Looking real good. How was your hijiki? You say you made salad with it?

  2. hahahahahah I LOVED watching Eurovision as a kid back in Danmark :) and whatever the danish version is called...cant think of the name.

  3. smuk som et stjeeeeeeeeeerneskuuuuuuuud....

  4. Go Corey!! :-D

    Jeg kan godt li den frække lille ugle!
    Og den der tekande ønskede jeg mig i fødselsdagsgave, (men fik den ikke), er den god? (Ellers gider jeg ikke købe den)

  5. I actually stir fried it like you said, but let it cool off a bit before eating it, so it was more like a warm salad.
    It had tofu, carrots and beans in it and it was actually pretty delicious.
    Not really Allans thing, but we don't really have the same taste in food.
    Thanks for the recipe!

    Tanya, it's called Melodi Grandprix, much more catchy than Eurovision if you ask me.

    Yay Corey!!! You just got your instant visa to Denmark, given only to people who know that song!

    Helle, jeg har faktisk kun brugt den et par gange, og jeg er ikke sikker på hvordan man holder teen varm...
    Lad mig lige bruge den lidt mere, så skal jeg nok komme med en anmeldelse.