Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, i sort of went to work today.
First client of the day never showed up, i'm always surprised when that happens.
We tried to call, of course, but it wasn't her number anymore.
Weird , she could have just canceled, you know?

Anyway, we had a feeling she'd be a no show, and had already decided to finish my tattoo if it turned out we were right.
It went fine, we almost finished except from a few details we couldn't decide on, but i was reminded of why i prefer getting tattooed on a sunday with the doors locked.
People, and i mean lots of people, kept coming by, and it's a little draining to be the one getting tattooed and being at work at the same time.
Hell, just talking is draining when you're getting tattooed.
So i think i'm gonna try and stick to my weekends from now on.

But my friend Mille dropped by and i haven't seen her in months, so that was pretty awesome.
We spent a few hours trying to decide whether we should go see Antichrist or not.
No decicion has been made yet.

I only have a wrapped tattoo picture to show you, but first, some pictures of what i did late last night.

After taking this picture, i had to cut my nails, not that i wanted to, but two of my nails had been cracked since before i glammed them up and were being held together by superglue, so they all had to go!
I was actually gonna keep my new, short nails au naturel for a few days, but then i though "nah" and did these instead
I messed them up pretty bad while washing the dye out of my hair (damn you impatience) but they weren't too hard to fix
The design had to be simple cause i didn't have as much space to work with as last time
Later at work i gave them a few more layers of the regular top coat, so i hope they'll last a week too, at least
Aaaand here's the little Russian gal, with her fur coat and her flower basket... i'll try to get a decent shot tomorrow before rewrapping her

I'm too tired to do anything but watch a few more episodes of Medium, and go to sleep.
Hopefully i'll have time to test out my new work space tomorrow.


  1. i cut all my nails off yesterday so i wouldnt break them on the bike.. boo.

    love the sparkles though!

    cant wait to see the unwrapped version of your sick ink!! =P

  2. Så fin med glimmer, er du!

    Jeg stemmer helt klar imod at se Antichrist. Jeg synes, det lyder som det mest perverse stykke kunst nogensinde, og jeg gider ikke gå i biografen for at få det decideret dårligt. Det er mit liv sgu for kort til, Lars von Ewww.

  3. Why would someone book an appointment, wait however many months and then just not show up at all? That's WEIRD.

    Not to mention rude.

  4. That's very strange, why do peolpe do like that? I love your nails, the green color is really cute!

  5. Your nails are so fancy! I love the sparkle. I've never been able to paint my own really... I feel like I have Johnny Tremain hands or something. And the green on your tattoo is beautiful!

  6. ooh it looks like its really nice! cant wait to see it unwrapped!!! xxx

  7. Corey & Sam, you'll have to wait a little longer to see the sick tat zap, my arm is too fat today!

    Fie, jeg har det lidt på samme måde, og jeg er pænt sart, men på den anden side kan man jo ikke vide med sikkerhed om den virkelig er så grum medmindre man ser den...
    Jeg er nok bare nysgerrig.

    Matt & Sandra, i don't get it either.
    It's not like we yell at people, or key their car, if they cancel.
    We just keep the deposit, but we do that whether you call or not, so why not call?
    People are strange.

    Coralene, you should train your daughters, so they can do it for you.
    Make them practice on someone else first!