Sunday, March 15, 2009

My russian girl

This is what she looked like this morning, before i re-wrapped her.
Sore and swollen, but otherwise fine.
I'll post pictures of the whole thing when it's finished.
Maybe we'll do it in Japan, if there's time.

Yeah, she has antlers alright
Allan is probably gonna add some glow later, maybe something like this

My arm doesn't really hurt that much, so i've been cleaning the apartment and doing laundry and stuff most of the day.
Allan is at work, again. On a sunday.
He needs Japan, now.

I'm a little stressed about this coming week.
I have a doctors appointment, a hair appointment, i need to visit my grandfather and color my hair, and i need to figure out what to bring to Japan.
I'm gonna try to keep my bag really light, cause i plan to do a shitload of shopping this time.

Ok, maybe there's really no need to get stressed, there isn't that much i need to do, and i do this all the time.
But i think i'm gonna start doing some lists anyway.


  1. She's beautiful! And huge! Your poor arm, tough little thing. My friend Krysti and I were just talking about how much we like things with horns. I like twisty sheep horns, she likes big pointy gazelle horns. I love that!

  2. Pjutiful!! Just pjutiful I tell you!!

  3. Loving the new tattoo, can't wait to see it coloured up.

  4. awww thats really sweet! i like it! xxx

  5. see? i miss a couple days on the net and i miss the fact that you started your arm!! gah.

    she looks amazing!!! cant wait to see her in person!

    and i am jealous of the shopping you will do. take loads of pics and keep us aprised of what is out there!

  6. Nurj hvor er den flot! Glæder mig til at se den når den er færdig.
    Og hey, ingen grund til stress!

  7. That's wild, man. Love it!

    I hope you won't stress yourself too much before you come here!

  8. Thanks guys!!
    I'm looking forward to some color too.

    I'm not stressing too bad, at least i got one of the more importants appointments out the the way today.
    But of course i just remembered that i have to go to a travel agency to get railpasses. Doh! I knew there was something i'd forgotten!!