Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Domestic goddess (or leprechaun, or something)

I stayed home from work today (that's been happening a lot lately, i know) to finish what we started this weekend: project work room.
And i gotta say, i haven't worked this hard in a long time.

All day i have been running around the apartment, and neighborhood too.
I've put up shelves, vacuumed, washed the floors, done dishes and laundry, taken two huge garbage bags of clothes down to the Red Cross shop (the shop clerk was a very big transvestite, didn't see that one coming), taken down lots of trash and put stuff in the basement for storage, put up artwork and stuff, and... oh, and made dinner too, can't forget that.
And what seems like a million other things.
So pretty much everything we didn't have time for this weekend.

And now it's 1.30 in the morning and i'm still not done.
Right now i am doing my nails (it's been over a week, these had to go) while coloring my hair.
And blogging, obviously.

And i've actually had a wonderful day alone (or with my trusty sidekick, i should say) except for maybe one little problem.
I'm a very clumsy person, and it being monday doesn't seem to help.
So today i have hit the back of my head on the basement ceiling, hit the front of my head on the corner of the new shelf, hit my shin on the corner of the bed and dropped part of the vacuum cleaner on my foot.
Not to mention spilling a garbage bag full of coffee grounds on the floor right after i washed it, and a few minor hair dye accidents.
The joys of being me.

Lucifer enjoyed his day at home too, at least the part that didn't involve his arch nemesis; the vacuum cleaner.
We had a nice coffee and samosa break at the dog park.
It wasn't a long break, but the sun was out and Lucifer made a lady friend, so it was a good one.

The new shelf system, or part of it
It may look like a mess, but as opposed to the way it was before, it's an organized mess

The shelf is new, and all the artwork is too, change was needed in that department too
That bookcase was there before too, but now i actually know what's in there

Alright, end of part one.
More boring apartment pictures coming up, after i give my nails a new coat of paint.


  1. WOW impressive :) I took a three hour nap today! hehehehehe that was a lot of hard work

  2. There's nothing wrong with a nice three hour nap!

  3. Smukt arbejde - især på en mandags mandag!

  4. make sure you leave enough room in the basement for me!!

  5. Uh og jeg stemmer forresten på goddess. Måske mushroom goddess? I hvert fald ikke leprechaun, he he!

  6. I am actually jealous of this room! :O