Monday, April 27, 2009

Go UB, it's you birthday

My blog turned one a few days ago, and i completely forgot!
It feels like it's been a lot longer already, but i guess a year is pretty good for a blog that's not really about anything specific.

In the early days of this blog, i tried many times to find a theme for it, but i never did find one.
And now i've pretty much given up.

So this is a craft blog, a travel blog, a tattoo blog, a fashion blog, a photo blog and a food blog.
And whatever else you want it to be.

Google Reader tells me that this blog is updated about 10 times a week and that 61 people subscribe to it.
I don't know if that includes the 50 followers (50, yowza!), but i'm happy and grateful whenever anyone takes the time to stop by and see what i'm up to.

The people who read this blog (some of whom have even been around since before blogger became the new myspace) and contribute with their always insightful comments, have helped make this last year a really great year for me.

I don't wanna get all emotional, but it really has made a difference in my life.
So thanks guys, i hope you feel like sticking around for one more year.

On the job..


  1. Bedste bedste bedste blog EVER!

    Krammer og tillykke fra den Sorteste Ost!

  2. Mega happy birthday , A(S)UB(TYPC) !!!!!!!

  3. Woo, tillykke! Det er sådan en rar blog du har dig, og jeg elsker at den bliver opdateret så tit!
    Må den vare ved i mange år endnu.

  4. woot! one year!

    its a rant blog too! dont leave out the rants. ever.

  5. Oh, by the way. Tell Allan to post the softbox bum photos...I know he is busy, so make him even more busy!


  6. We're gonna party like it's your birthday lille blog! Hurraaaa!!!!

  7. Hurra!! I sandhed den bedste blog. Evar!

  8. Happy Birthday, Little Blog Baby! Kiss kiss to every beautiful thought and image and thank you for sharing across the world. aimee

  9. It is we, who should be thanking you for so many interesting and unique posts over the last year. You're posts never dull or boring!

  10. Aw, youse guys!!

    Seriously, you're all too awesome!!
    Også på dansk, i er bedst!!

  11. penblwydd happus blog bach!

    thats 'happy birthday little blog' in welsh :)

    Thank YOU for posting your blog! as you know, I've been following you a while now, and you always give me interesting things to read and cute pictures to look at <3 so yay for you!


  12. Whoa, Welsh is cool!!

    And thanks for reading the blog!!