Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It seems like you're nothing without a blog these days.
You barely exist. I too have a blog.
It's on myspace, on my profile.
So you'd think that was enough for me.
But no, i had to go get me another blog, somewhere else, more crap to update and keep track of.

Oh, and hello, I'm Amalie.
I'm danish, but this blog, it seems, is gonna be in english.
Why? Cause... i don't know, Danes kind of suck a little bit.

Here i am, in Copenhagen last weekend with my dog Lucifer (i'm wearing awesome boots from Japan, Lucifer is wearing a kimono, also from Japan):

Ok, that's enough for the first day.
Say, can you change the name of your blog later on? I'm pretty sure i hate this one already.


  1. Min baby styrer!!!!

  2. NO WAY !! You have a blog too now !!!! That rocks !! We could be blog buddies !!!! BBF !!! It took me a while to figure it out from your comment !! But now I know !! And we're BBF !!!!! I also think .... That ... "Yellow pants" could be a nice title for your untitled blog !!!!

    See ya tomorrow !!!

    Allan will be so jealous of our blogings !!!