Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You call this winter?

All day it's been pretending to snow.
But we all know better don't we, this was just "slud"; not rain but definitely not snow either.
It seems like all Danes crave either summer or snow right now, and since summer is out of the question for now, we're all rooting for snow.
But stupid global warming won't let us have it.
We're getting all the sucky parts of winter and none of the good ones.
I actually saw a kid attempting to ski today, in the semi snow.
How sad is that?
At least i had a childhood full of skiing, ice skating and snowman building.

If you ignored the slud, it was actually a pretty nice day, i even saw the sun a few times.

In our back yard
See, we have them in Copenhagen too (only less fancy)
After i'd been to the hair clinic and the textile shop, i took a little detour on the way to the shop.
I guess i don't go to that part of town very often, cause i've never even noticed this creepy looking church before!
Tomorrow, time for Milaaaano!
And dropping off Lucifer, which means no packing tonight or he'll freak.
I predict a stressful morning.
What else is new?


  1. its crap here too! 5 minutes down the road, and everyone is snowed in, cant go to work, and have to dig their cars out in the morning. They have 4 foot of snow!

    in my town - nothing! for a week! and it was really sunny and warm today!

    i feel like i've been cheated. i want proper snow! xxx

  2. Ha ha, jeg har postet præcis om det modsatte!! Yay for steder i byen uden biler, så ligger sneen fint!

  3. this is hawaii on tuesday!
    big island!

    ok ok we were at 11,000 feet on a dormant volcano but still!!!

    it was cold!!

  4. Jeg håber i nåede det hele! Vi er oppe i theis forældres hus hele weekenden, så Lucifer er lykkelig!
    rigtig god weekend
    ses på mandag

  5. Happy Valentine's Day.
    Kiss kiss. zo