Friday, February 6, 2009

Snail tales

The snail hat is done.
I might need to do a few tiny more details, but it's done.
That might not seem like a big deal, but it is.
See, i never finish anything.
It may seem that way but i don't, i'm a starter.
So this one is kind of a big deal.

It started with the snail shell.
Or snailshack if you will, that's the new word, go ahead and use it.
I found it during a walk through Vesterbro with Martin.
Then i painted it, just for fun.
Much later i made the snail itself out of fimo.
I still didn't know if it was ever gonna turn into something.
But now the snail is on a hat and that hat is finished.
And it may suck, but i don't even care cause it's here and that's awesome.

The wonderful machine that fixed my antenna situation (and also polished and shaped the skulls)
Sorry neighbors
Yeah, the pictures are a little grainy and i'm every bit as tired as i look
No veil on this one, the feathers are quite enough
It's mounted on a plastic headband that i covered in light grey silk ribbon
The snail sporting his brand new antennas!

That's it for me tonight, i gotta go lie down on the sofa now.
Hope you guys like the hat.
Or the snail.
Or both.

Ps. Thanks Martin for the walk by the tracks, and thanks baby for the pictures and the love.


  1. so cute!!!
    love the antennas! ;)

  2. Thanks guys!
    I liked the old antennas better, but the damn things kept breaking and that's just no good.