Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More snailspacin'

Yesterday i went on a dictionary website to find out what snail shell was called in english.
And i must say, i'm pretty disappointed.
The word for it in danish is "Sneglehus".
It means snailhouse, and it's a really cute word, i think.
So snail shell... yeah, i could have thought of that.

Anyway, i painted a little more this morning.
As you can maybe tell, i'm a little obsessed with eastern European folk art these days.
Even got Allan to give my coffee cup tattoo a folky flavor!

For the next one i'm gonna need better brushes, they're all way too big.


  1. you should turn the shells into necklaces, they'd look beautiful!

    I want one! I used to love snails when i was little x

  2. Hmmm, that could work!
    Thanks for the suggestion!