Monday, December 29, 2008


We're back.
And i have no excuses.
Right now i feel like my blog is a person and i've let it down.
But i'm allowed to take some time off, right?

We just spent a week in Bisserup and all i can say is i just didn't feel like going near a computer.
My mom has a very nice, very big mac and now they have a pretty great internet connection too.

But ok, i do have some excuses. Bad ones maybe, but there are a few.
My parents just moved from Copenhagen to Bisserup on the 21st of December.
The house in Bisserup is undergoing some major reconstruction and was kind of a mess when we got there.
Add to that 40+ years of crap and well...
We had a lot of work to do if we were to get the place ready for a christmas dinner for 10 people in just two days.

So the first few days we just worked.
And went to a nearby town to a christmas dinner with Allans family where we ate this:


But mostly work.

And after christmas we kept working.
But we also found time to go for walks and watch some James Bond movies.

I'll get into the details later.

I mostly took Lomo pictures there, but i took some with the Ixy too, and for once they turned out really nice.
Here are some of them, only photoshop they've had is resizing.
Can you believe those colors?

My mom in her turquoise rainboots
The day after these were taken the weather was kinda gray, but it was still a beautiful day.
Me and Lucifer went for a walk by the beach.

Heavy clouds

Oh, and in addition to all the great food, presents (that i will tell you about later), family and all around good times, we got a house!
Since my parents have just moved into the main building, me and Allan have taken over the house that used to be theirs.
We already have a room there and so does my brother, but now the downstairs is all ours too.
So i spent some time cleaning and rearranging stuff over there too.
It sounds like my family is loaded right?
We're really not.
Some day i'll turn their bedroom into a livingroom.

Small eating area and stove in the kitchenOUR kitchen
I'll post more later.
So, i hope you're still here, all 23 of you.
And i hope you all had a great christmas too!


  1. Sooo gorgeous! Really breathtaking! Too many exclamation points but gosh, so gorgeous pics. That just made my day more beautiful, seeing those. :) Especially the one with your mom and the one with the boat. And the house looks so cozy.
    ....what an escape for us readers! :)

    By the way, you were "tagged" by Suzy Devere (who was tagged by Gena) while you were gone. Author Michael Kimball was also tagged by Gena, and he did it,'re not in the worst company if you choose to play. Here's his:
    and here's suzy's

    cheers! and yayyyyyy! you're back!

  2. beautiful pics looks great there

  3. Aaaah... Bisserup idyl... so nice...

  4. Thanks guys, i'm so glad you like the pictures too!!
    And thanks for still being here!

    Ps. I love the one with my mom too.