Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm back (only not really)

After a break from the blog this long, the longest in the life of this blog, it's hard to get back in to it.

And after a break this long, are any of my six readers still coming by here at all?
I wouldn't. I haven't been.
I'm still here, in my summerhouse, if you're wondering.
There is internet here. Internet so slow you could write a screenplay while it uploads your pictures.
You could write a screenplay about uploading pictures.
Or not.
But if there's internet, why haven't i been blogging?
Why haven't i been online for like three days?
I thinks because i've been out here, living.
Something i feel like i've been neglecting lately. Before coming here anyway.
I'm online for work all day and when i come home i just automatically continue.
Blog, ebay, myspace, gossip and news sites.
After a few days here i realized that the reason i haven't been creative for a while isn't a block or anything mysterious.
It's not that i don't have ideas or time.
It's just the fucking internet.
Since coming here i've made almost five hats (or head decorations if you will).
I've been taking walks, relaxing. Hanging out with my parents.
I've been out running in the woods twice, with real running shoes and everything (and by doing that i've broken all four of my sacred running rules*).
I haven't missed Copenhagen, or work, one bit.
I had to go there two days in a row though, first for my grandfathers 91st birthday and again yesterday for a party for Martin's new record.
Both parties where great and i saw some great people.
But i couldn't wait to come back here.
Today me and Allan took a walk in the woods. The weather was a little rough, windy and cool, but the sun was out.
And i felt so damn peaceful.
Nature, waching Lucifer play with a stick five times his size, holding hands, collecting acorns, taking turns on a really unsafe swing made by an old rope and a piece of wood.
I'm finally old enough to fully appreciate how lucky i am to have had this place to come to my whole life.
I loved growing up in Copenhagen, but having a second home here has given me a childhood full of experiences most kids there never have.
I'm not sure when i'll be back here again, on the blog that is. Maybe monday at work. Probably not before.
Until then, here's some vacation picture goodness (but only a few, or modem rage will ruin my good mood) :

*Amalie's Four Rules of Running:
Run only when...
1. You're trying to catch a mugger
2. You're trying to catch the bus/train
3. Someone is chasing you
4. You're trying to escape from any type of diaster (such as volcanos, explosions, floods etc.)


  1. I have come, because I do not have a summer home to disappear to, and this is my way of living vicariously through you in Denmark.

    I realize it may seem crazy to you that I want to be there so badly, but I guess its different when you havent spent all your life somewhere.

    So I will keep watching for your updates, regardless of how seldom they are.

    And your pictures are great! It looks so peaceful there!!

    Also also. I dont run.

  2. i hear you about "the fucking internet" and am glad to hear you are having a wonderful time there :-)

  3. Det lyder bare så dejligt. Jeg savner også virkelig den der tur i skoven, hånd i hånd. Bliver helt rørt af din beskrivelse.

    Og fint tapet, forresten :-)

  4. Ha ha, vi er da i hvert fald 4 der stadig hænger ved din blog. Du er vist mere savnet end du tror!

    Men godt at høre at du hygger dig. Det lyder skøøøønt!!!

  5. Er trofast fan og vil altid være det. Den gynge tur lyder så smuk som den altid har og vil være. 10000 tak fordi i kom forleden, det var så sejt at se jer stå oppe ved siden af mormor. Hele familien samlet. Love you guys!
    Hils les parénts.

  6. ... det var så mig i min halv brandert.


  7. Oh, you guys!
    I'm glad i have you, my few but very loyal readers.

    Ps. Jeg er glad for du kan li' tapetet, Fie, det er jo ligesom også dit værelse!!