about me

So, about me, eh?
I'm Flora Amalie, originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, but residing in Berlin, Germany since late 2012.
My blog has been around since 2008, and will probably be around as long as i am... or until the internet dies, whichever comes first.

I love to write, and i love to take pictures, and i like to think i've gotten better at both over the years.
When i started blogging all those years ago, i initially thought the blog would end up as an internet version of the many unfinished notebooks and journals in my basement.
Full of promise and good intentions, but quickly forgotten.
But somehow it would seem that i've finally found a form of expression that works for me in the long run, and even when i take long breaks from blogging, i always end up back here, over-sharing my stories and my life with a group of loyal friends and readers.

In addition to the writing and the photography, i also love to travel and create things, so you'll probably see a lot of content from around the world, like pictures of Shiba dogs in the streets of Tokyo, or tips on where to get good coffee in Mexico City, and also the occasional crafts and artwork, such as paintings and dioramas or whatever.

My other interests include packing a nice suitcase for the before mentioned travels, making pizza for my friends, cuddling with my dog Lucifer, going to snobby coffee shops and geeking out, interior design, tattoos, dancing, and singing, either at the karaoke bar, or in the street wearing headphones.

What else?

Some random facts, perhaps?

-I once owned 16 black gerbils at the same time... i don't recommend doing that
-I've lived in Tokyo, Jaipur, Copenhagen and now Berlin in three different areas (Sch├Âneberg, Neuk├Âlln and Treptow), hoping to add a few more places to this list before i peace out permanently
-I don't have a drivers license, but i desparately want a scooter
-I've been a vegetarian for almost a decade and for the last few years, i mainly stick to a vegan diet. I mention this not to make other feel guilty about their eating habits, but because not eating meat is a personal accomplishment that i'm actually proud of and like about myself
-I used to collect cameras, but i only ever use my Canon AE-1 and my iPhone now
-I'm a proud Trekkie
-And a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, which i traveled to Austria to see with friends a few years ago... we even ended up on television! You can see us here, we're at the 3.09 mark
-I want to see the world, i never want to be bored again
-My actual dream that i don't share often but hey, here goes, is to own a hotel on a beach in Mexico (location is up for debate, though, beach is not)
-I want to learn at least two more languages, and i suppose German should be one of them...
-My goal for this blog (when properly updated, obvs) is that a few people read it first thing in the morning while drinking their coffee as part of their daily routine
-Or that someone (and this has happened a few times) finds an old post about mental illness or heartbreak and feel less alone in the world. You are not alone, never forget
-And my goal for the future is to just be happy and true to myself,  and to each year give even fewer fucks than i did the last. And obviously to wear tie-dye leggings and make dreamcatchers while surrounded by as many animals as possible. That too


  1. Hey Amalie, I've just discovered your blog, and just wanted to say hi, and i'm really enjoying reading it!
    And, i have a Buffy tattoo too!

  2. I love to read your stuff and it makes me laugh to find someone who also hate religious fanaticism. :)

    keep doing what you love darling :)

  3. heyho amalie! i just stumbled upon your blog and i love your pictures and hats!!:)(i have been following conspiracy inc. for a little while and i think you have really great artists working at your shop!:))

  4. Maria Pay HeilskovFebruary 9, 2015 at 7:45 PM

    If you had forgotten, we watched an entire U2 concert up a tree as well, when you where about 15 ;)

  5. Your blog has been on my morning coffee reading list for at least the last 2 years. Love it and I'm really happy to see people evolve and grow in their lives as much as I love your bubble-gum pink hair! :)

    1. That's basically my life goal completed right there!! Thanks for sticking with me, Dora :)

  6. I DO wake up and read your blog while drinking coffee....in my fav little nook of the house <3