Thursday, August 3, 2017

Everything now

I'm grateful i never brought you here.
So many things are dead to me because of their connection to you.
So many places are ruined.
Imagine if i'd taken you here.
Imagine if we'd looked at the night sky together.

You could have ruined the stars for me.

Jungle mirror selfie before going to the airport

First stop, Copenhagen. I decided to surprise my mom and dad by coming early for their joint birthday party on sunday, so saturday i was laying low with my Cph fam

Christel is always killing it

My ride with room for both Christel, Benny, me and my suitcase

Stayed up late talking shit and listening to music with Martin in the kitchen, while Christel partied with her sis. She somehow still managed to make dough for these awesome rolls at like 4 am. Respect, and also gratitude cause fresh baked bread for breakfast is actually the best!

After breakfast we had coffee (essential) and shopped for some plants

Then a quick bit of sightseeing at my favorite Copenhagen building (built after i moved to Berlin) and then i was off to the countryside to surprise the crap out of my parents

My nephew almost blew the surprise cause he was so excited to see me, and that's ok. 
It was good to be back

I talked all of my nephews into taking a selfie together! 
Yonas, William, Gilbert and Julius. Every time i see them they've turned into even more special, fun, weird people. I love them all so much

Falling asleep at night without a sound outside to keep me awake. 
Without wearing earplugs, without drunks and sirens waking me up. I think i needed that...

He walks and talks and drags me around to look at stuff and i actually like it. Either i'm getting more kid friendly with age, or i just like this one

 Me and Gilbert spent a long time going oohh and ahh over this guy 

The good boat has a crack, but this old thing did the job too. Kind of. 
After everyone left, me and my parents decided to go for a sail. We had a leaky battery, a slow motor, and the tide was low, so i had to get out and pull. So pretty much a classic Pedersen family outing!

Mom brought a picnic rucksack someone had given them as a gift, and we had crackers and olive tapenade on our favorite island

Drinks too, of course. Aperol and tonic from camping mugs

There's nothing better than having your feet in the water, while collecting random beach treasures

Rosegold sunsets

Bees and hollyhocks everywhere

Some days it was warm enough to try out this inflatable pillow and matching blanket my mom got me for my birthday. That there is the good life

You read the text so you know i'm not over that. Him. Just healing. 
Every once in awhile, like when i'm here in my second home, i'll feel a stab of regret when i realize that this is a part of me i'll never get to share with him... then i remember i'll never get to share anything with him.

Taken while out shopping with my mom in N├Žstved, down here known as the big city, which it most certainly is not. We actually made some great finds there, and had some good tapas too

See? I'm so into matching sets at the moment and this was perfect

Tomorrow i'm off to Copenhagen again. For Martin's birthday, and catching up with whoever has time to see me. There will almost certainly be photos from the next few days that i'll wanna post here, but i know myself and my life, and i know i won't have the time. This is my small window of opportunity and i'm taking advantage of it