Monday, August 8, 2016

Home in analog, the sequel

The other day when i was posting about my article in T├Ątowier Magazin, i noticed that this post was among my three most read posts recently.
It's an old post with analog pictures from my apartment only a few months after i moved in, and as i was looking at the photos, i was struck by how it looks exactly the same, but so different at the same time.
Mostly the plants have gotten more out of control, but other things too.
More clutter, more personal items.
A new bookcase here, and new painting there.
A mirror missing, stuff moved around here and there.

And then i read the text: "I had a few shots left on my second Hawaii film, and i decided to waste them on random shots of the apartment!" and as i was reading that, i realized that i had a few shots left on my film from a recent trip to Frankfurt.

And so, as you may have guessed, i decided to do the exact same post, a year and three months later.
I replicated every photo as carefully as i could, and i actually think they came out pretty great!
Not a bad way to waste the last photos on a roll of film.

Check out the original "home in analog" post and compare for yourself.
And in case you were wondering, the answer is yes.
Lucifer did get cuter.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


A beautiful summer day in Berlin a few weeks ago, before the weather got a little too grey and autumn-like.
A Saturday.

I was up early, and he had barely slept, and we decided to go to the lake.
Me, because i love swimming and going on adventures.
Him, mostly because he wanted to make me happy.

While he napped i bought fruits and snacks, and then we hopped on a train to Schlachtensee, my current favorite of all the Berlin lakes.
Why is it my favorite?
Because you can rent boats there, and after lying by the shore for a while, relaxing and snacking and kissing, that's exactly what we did.
I wore my new bikini, and jumped from the boat and into the cold water several times.
Lucifer watched and waited anxiously for me to get back to the safety of our vessel.
And i took pictures of them, to remember this perfect day by.

Here are the analog ones.
I wish there had been more pictures of the lake itself, and perhaps of the cute little boat rental place, but all in all, i'm very happy with the way these turned out.