Monday, August 31, 2015

That girl

Ok, so i didn't post the next day, but almost!
Still playing catch-up, so none of this is particularly current, and all of it is random, but that's ok.
I'll get to more present day events eventually.

From the iPhone journal, written after talking to some of my best friends about some of our shittier past relationships:

When you meet them you're the fun girl. Crazy. Charismatic. Confident.
That's what they fall for.
But years of their flirting and cheating makes you introverted and insecure.
Turns you into someone else.
They make you feel crazy, they try to make you believe it's all in your head.
"You're just making shit up, you're seeing things that aren't there... nothing is going on".
Then comes the guilt and self-loathing.
They start to resent you for not being the person you used to be, when in fact, they made you what you are.
This new jealous, insecure person didn't just happen, she was made.
"What happened to the fun loving, carefree girl i fell in love with?", they'll ask.
You killed her.

These photos are from sometime in June, i think?
They happened because a photographer i knew from instagram asked if he could take some pictures of me, and i said yes.
Not because i thought i'd be good at it, i knew i wouldn't be, but because i almost always do.
Say yes to things, that is.
Especially the things that used to scare me.

Go check out the photography of Philip C Keith.
Rad work by a rad dude.

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