Wednesday, February 4, 2015


As lovely as Berlin is in spring and summer, and as much as i love it here, winter is death for photography enthusiasts like me.
I know i just posted analog pictures yesterday, but i already miss having "real" pictures to post here.
And even if i brought my camera with me everywhere, which i don't, i'd maybe take a picture or two a week.
Shit just isn't very photogenic in February.
But new adventures are on the horizon, and soon i'll have something brand new to share.
Like, very soon.
In the meantime, the usual crappy iPhone pictures of my daily doings will have to do!

Like i wrote yesterday, i went shopping with the girls, and tried a new cafe in Mitte.
Not as cute as our beloved Roamers, but the location, right next to all of our favorite shops, was unbeatable, and the service was amazing.
Pictured is the t-shirt mentioned in the previous post.
I also bought a 50 cent beanie, so basically i'm at a point in my life where my coffee costs more than my clothes!

I'm stuck somewhere between stressing the fuck out about a ton of stuff i need to get done before next week, and forcing myself to take it easy, so i don't stay sick much longer, or get worse.
I'm so ready to stop coughing, guys.
So ready.

Any cafe that has decent coffee in cute cups, avocado on the menu, and Nas on the stereo is alright by me

Wendy in the snow

Double trouble at Monki, and jeez, i'm so happy i'm getting my bangs cut soon, cause what the hell is that?!

I did homework pretty much all day Monday, but i feel like no matter how hard i study, it's never really enough

Trying on shit way out of our price range, cause a girl can dream

Lucifer at Japanese class... he was a model student and even received a few "kawaiiii" squeals 

This morning we tried a new breakfast spot in Schöneberg... waaaay too much cheese for one person, but i ate (most of) it anyway

So much attitude! I blame the dolphin...

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