Monday, February 23, 2015


Ok, so i didn't actually have time to post another quick one before leaving beautiful Maui.
Yup, i'm back in Berlin already!
We actually tried to change my ticket a few days ago, cause there was still so much work to be done at the house, and also we were having fun so going home just seemed like a bad idea, but unfortunately it was way too expensive.
So yeah, i'm back.

The trip home was long, but easy, and on my third flight i even had a row to myself.
I slept a lot, it was awesome.
And i still get such a kick out of being able to travel by myself.
Like, i don't think people who haven't suffered from anxiety get what a big deal it is, but it really is huge, and i'm so proud of myself every time i board a plane all by myself in some faraway location.

Sorry, but i landed early this morning, so i'm not really in any condition to say all the things i want to say, so i'll just skip ahead and write a bit about my last day in Maui, and post some pictures.
And i apologize in advance for any typos, i'll catch them tomorrow.

On my second to last day we'd booked rooms at a resort in Lahaina for the night, cause Crystal had a friend coming over from Oahu to celebrate his birthday.
Obviously i hadn't met him, or his friends, before, but they all turned out to be awesome people, and we had the funnest night at a hotel that would have been considered fancy as hell in the early eighties.
I seriously love meeting new people!
We all went to bed late after a night of laughing, drinking and chasing Minnesotans out of hot tubs, and the next day we had the most delicious breakfast, followed by swimming at an amazing beach on the way back to Paia.
Once we were back, we made a quick stop at the house, where i took a shower and packed my shit, and then we headed to the shop for last minute souvenir tattoos and pizza, before going to the airport.
Kind of the perfect last day, actually!

Ok, that's all i got, my brain is so not ready to construct sentences, so i'll post again soon, and write more about the trip, the island, the work, the turtles.
All of it!
But for now i need to just chill with the dog.
And possibly drink more coffee.
Yes, definitely more coffee.

Classic Maui

Yes to coffee


Decorating is always fun, but even more so when you have cool shit like this to work with... i kinda wish decorating cute shops was my full time job

Pretty (dead) palomita on the way to town

Love this place

Wendy sent me this

With a cute bathroom, perfect for, uhm, taking pictures of your camera? 
Whatever, i don't judge you!

New Tokyo Rose Boutique fitting room

Gotta love a good turtle mural 

Oahu party squad

Slightly overdressed, but at this point i hadn't worn makeup in days, so i got excited!

Onolicious indeed

Eggs Benedict and hashbrowns

Saying goodbye to the beach (and hello to eating healthy and working out again, because extra weight, because 'Murica)

Probably my favorite beach of the ones i went to

Except for this...

Oh, beach life, i miss it already...

My awesome little crew filler, right on top of one of my many bruises

No, Starbucks, that's not my name

Landing early in the morning means coffee date with Lucifer and this babe

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