Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This morning me and Wendy went to a meeting with our building manager.
We had some tea, a nice long talk, and then we signed the contract for our new apartment.
It's done, it's official, and a few pieces of paper in German have never looked so good.

Friends and readers alike, who have been following my search for a new home, know how important this day is, and i need to just say thanks real quick for all the kind words and constant support.
It means so much.

And now, now i'm waiting for my hair to dry so i can get three or four hours of sleep.

Sorry for the short post, but it's all i have time for.
Here are a few pictures from Burgers & Hip Hop, and a few from today!

The classic Prince Charles bathroom selfie, featuring myself, Wendy, Carly, and of course random girl

Random dogs

My dog

On my way to class this evening, where i did an absolute shit job on a kanji test... oh well

Last nights dinner 


  1. Congratulations, it's official!! :)

    1. Thank you! It still feels unreal, can't wait for that first night :)