Saturday, February 7, 2015

Girl just wanna

I just realized that i've been sick for almost two weeks.
I mean, i'm feeling way better now, but i still occasionally cough like someone who smokes about two packs a day (which i can assure you that i don't!)
After two weeks of being a forced homebody, it's no wonder i'm so excited about going out tonight.
But seriously, i'm always excited to go out.

I've gotten a bit, not too much, but a bit of shit for partying too much in the past year.
I get where it's coming from.
Going from being a little too comfortable on the couch with the mister, and rarely going out at all, to going out pretty much every weekend may seem excessive to some, although in my experience, it's pretty standard post-breakup behavior.
But for me, it wasn't so much about the breakup, and the whole finding myself thing, although that certainly played a part. It's more about the fact that i just really, really love going out!
I love dancing,  i love getting into (mild) trouble, shaking my ass to awesome music like nobody's watching, i love dressing up and getting ready to go out with my friends, and taking dumb bathroom selfies with them, wearing big ass earrings, and just generally being goofy, drunk me, who is, by the way, a hilarious and happy person, or so i've been told.
Fun is fun, people are fun, and sometimes when you're in a relationship, you forget that.

This post was supposed to have a picture of my hair in it, cause i just got my embarrassing unintentional ombré roots and bangs fixed, but i haven't gotten a good photo yet.
And it's basically the same as before, so it can wait.

As usual, i went to Prenzlauer Berg to get it done, and also as usual, Wendy joined me for coffee and a quick lunch, so most of today's photos are from that neighborhood.

Organic veggie dumplings from Momos... Prenzlauer Berg may be far, but they have some cool shit
Right next door to Momos is Antipodes, a cute cafe with good service and nice coffee, but a few too many kids for my taste (sorry, but even the owner and my kid loving friend agreed!)

The Barn coffee is still pretty damn tasty

When you don't wanna go out for real, but you also don't wanna spend Friday night at home, there's always the cheap Cuban bar with its delicious cocktails and nachos, and super convenient location

Starting a new painting, so my desk is back to being a total mess

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