Monday, February 9, 2015


I may be all out of analog photos from Mexico, but i still have a few from the iPhone that i wanna share.
Actually, i could probably keep posting iPhone pictures from Mexico for months, but don't worry, i won't!
But i still think about Mexico a lot, and in spite of everything, i really fucking miss it there, and it kills me to think that i might never go back there.
If the guy hadn't turned out to be a liar and a cheater, i would have seriously considered moving there, that's how much i loved it. And him.
Not that i don't love Berlin, because i do, and i currently don't want to live anywhere but here, but sometimes i can't help but feel like i'm still searching for my true home.
And for a brief moment, i actually thought Mexico City was it.

Maybe some day, when i don't care anymore, and the thought of accidentally running into him doesn't make me feel like i just got punched in the gut, i'll go back there.
On my own terms.
I hope so, but in the meantime, there are lots of other places to explore.

The text below was written on my phone on the plane to Mexico.
I wasn't gonna post it, cause everything i wrote back then still makes me feel like such a naive idiot.
And maybe i am. 
No, strike that, i definitely am, but you know what, i accept that!
And i posted all of my other journal rants, so why not this one too.

Danish girl meets Mexican guy in Berlin. 
Neither of them speak German, one of them barely speaks English, they hit it off anyway.
Sometimes things can be so random they almost seem predestined, right?
I still believe in coincidence over fate, but i think that deep down, i might be a hopeless romantic, cause i want to believe him when he says that we were destined to meet. 
Supposed to be together.
Even though, let's face it, that's not very likely.
But in any case, the most random of hook ups has somehow lead me to this point. 
Sitting on an airplane, flying into the unknown, because hey, i miss him and it seemed like a good idea!

I'm surprised at how supportive my family have been of my decision to go on this trip. 
My parents even gave me a very generous advance on my Christmas present, to help me pay for the ticket.
In reality they're probably super concerned that i'll get kidnapped or shot or beheaded by a drug cartel, but if so, they're doing a great job hiding it, and you gotta admire that.

It turns out that yes, my parents were indeed worried, but they never said anything, and i only found out because a friend in Denmark told me.
They probably never really believed that i was completely safe there, and after watching a documentary set in Mexico City right after i got back, i don't blame them.
The place they were portraying on that show was not the place i just got back from, but i guess everyone's experience is different, and you can find bad shit everywhere.
But in case you're wondering, it is totally possible to travel to Mexico and have a good time, and come home entirely un-murdered.
Oh, and it's fucking cheap too, so there.

About my next adventure, i feel like keeping it secret a little while longer.
I kinda like just popping up somewhere on the planet with a surprise post like this one, so maybe i'll do that again.
In any case, you'll find out soon enough!

One of those buildings i'd walk by almost every day and dream of living in

Better than the analog ones

I love big cities so much

I ate this while picking up Mexican niece from school on one of my last days in the city... can't remember what it was called, but it's like a Mexican turnip with lime and chili and stuff, and it was damn tasty

Just another perfect sunny day

Museum of Anthropology

Good coffee, great table cloth, best nails

Someone sure likes cats

The roof of the building i lived in was awesome for clothes drying and dog walking

Some pictures make me miss it more than others

One of my favorite things to do there, was to buy a delicious cappuccino for sixteen pesos right outside the house, and drink it while walking through Parque México to wherever i was going that day 

I loved all the pink buildings

I probably already posted a picture of this magical place in Tepoztlán 

GIANT grasshoppers eating a tuna at Teotihuacán

Popcorn everywhere 

Some kind of bookstore or something? I forget, but it was pretty

The year 2014, also known as the year some random white girl helped decorate the Zurita family's Christmas tree

A view from the Turibus 

Adorable restaurant

Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli and the amazing Terracotta Daughters 

How i know i'm missing a film... there's no way i didn't take a bunch of analog shots here!

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