Sunday, February 15, 2015


What, too obvious?
The title, i mean.
Maybe so, but i am in Hawaii, Maui to be specific, and since my regional vocabulary is somewhat limited, i stand by my choice!

I'm sure most of you already knew from instagram that i was here, but i still hope one or two of my readers are surprised.
If not, feel free to pretend to be!

I left Berlin early Wednesday morning.
I seem to be getting used to those early morning flights*, cause even though i only had about three hours of sleep, i felt well rested and happy when i left the house at five in the morning.
With layovers in London and Vancouver, i already knew the trip here was gonna be a long one, but to be honest, it went pretty smooth.
I killed six hours in Heathrow by drinking coffee, reading, and talking to my friends on whatsapp, and in Vancouver i went straight from one plane to the next, and even though that plane was full of screaming babies, it didn't bother me much.
I arrived in Maui around ten in the evening, and my friend Crystal was there to pick me up, and drive me to IHOP for some late night breakfast-for-dinner.
Don't laugh, it was the only place that was open, and many of us Europeans have a soft spot for American diners anyway!

Skipping ahead to today, my third day in Maui, and it's been raining almost all day, and last night there was a storm.
But even with the rain, it's great to be here, and since i am actually here to work, it's kinda good to have a rainy day once in a while.
Sounds cool, right, going to Hawaii to work?
At least i think so!
I've done it before, of course, traveled for work, but it's my first time doing it alone, so it's different.
And special.
And somewhat smarter than traveling across the planet to see some dude, huh?
So yeah, we've worked a lot for the last couple of days, but i'm enjoying the work and the company, and i'm sure my awesome hosts are gonna show me lots of cool places in the next couple of days.

Tonight we went to a local pizza place where i stood right next to hunky movie star Owen Wilson for a good ten minutes, we played dice games for prices while waiting for food, and on the way there we made some European hitchhikers very happy by letting them ride in the back of the truck on the way to town.

I stole Wendy's tiny laptop for the trip, so i'm sure i'll be able to do a few more posts while i'm here.
Until then, here are the first batch of iPhone goodness, featuring mainly dogs and palm trees.
Not a bad thing if you ask me!

Going for that first swim


From Berlin to this

Banana face!

Cute little house in Paia

Always hanging out in tattoo shops

Tali and Crystal introducing me to shaved ice (no, i never even had it in Japan)

Tiger blood and Pina Colada

More Paia prettiness

Obviously not today

Yesterday we took a shit ton of boxes to be recycled, and made a quick stop at an abandoned high school to take pictures and walk the dog

Things you find while emptying boxes... from my favorite anime Death Note

I bruised (broke?) my toe while swimming, and it's all gross and purple... even worse than in this picture, actually

Pretty girl in the sunset

 Always exploring

 Purple toe day two, now with random post office chihuahua

Friendly truck puppy

I only eat pizza where Owen Wilson eats pizza... no big deal

Just a five minute walk from the house... not bad at all

*Except for that one Christmas flight mentioned here and here... ahem.


  1. I'm surprised! We just left Maui and are now in Waikiki. Love it here!!

  2. I'm surprised! We just left Maui and are now in Waikiki. Love it here!!

  3. great photos!