Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Zona Rosa

I can't say that all is right with the world just yet, but we're getting there.
Today my friends Wendy and John came back from their much too long trip to the States.
I picked them up at the airport, had takeout dinner at their place, and basically stayed until their jet lagged bodies needed rest. Or, you know, until they kicked me out.
In one week my other Wendy will return to Berlin as well, and maybe then i'll start to feel like a whole person again.
Yes, i am aware that we're horribly co-dependent, but i'm fine with that, they're my family.

These pictures are from an afternoon i spent walking around Zona Rosa.
I feel like i discovered this neighborhood much too late.
It was close to the house, pretty, walk-able, and full of Korean restaurants, none of which i ate at, sadly.
Also, how cute is that dog?
His owners came back as i was finishing up.
I'm sure they thought i was a total weirdo, walking into a random alley to take pictures of someone's dog.
Actually a lot of people in Mexico City probably thought i was a weirdo.
I guess i'm fine with that too.


  1. Copenhagen - Hamburgo
    That's a secret sign and it means: come visit me in Hamburg!! I'm serious! I would love to meet you and somehow got the feeling, we'll get along very well.

    1. Lol, you're totally right, it's a sign!!
      I'll try to convince my friends to go on a spring roadtrip to Hamburg.
      I'll be sure to let you know if and when it happens!!

    2. Wooohooo! I'm already looking forward to it!!!