Sunday, January 4, 2015

Home for the holidays

Have i mentioned lately how much i hate Sundays?
I hate Sundays.
Sundays are for couples and snuggling, not for waking up alone around noon with a headache.
But that's life now. 
So i made myself an omelette, worked on a painting, and instantly felt better.

I didn't bring my camera to Denmark over Christmas.
I'd already spent too much money getting my Mexico films developed, and i knew it was gonna be too dark anyway, and i was right about that. It even rained most of the time.
But of course i took lots of pictures anyway, and some of them aren't even that bad.
And hey, i don't have to wait around for weeks to get them!

I was happy to get to hang out with my family and relax, but i felt very restless, like i was supposed to be somewhere, doing something else.
And the ghosts of Mexico were haunting me, drawing depressing parallels to my trip to Denmark almost exactly one year ago.
The situation felt so similar. Sleeping in the same room, basically thinking the same compulsive thoughts.
Generally i had a good trip, but i definitely prefer being home in the summer with a non-broken heart!

Anyway, here it is, my Christmas and New Years as seen through my dying iPhone5.

Early morning flights are pretty much never a good idea, but they're extra awful when you oversleep and almost miss them, as i already mentioned in this post... oops

This was the night before, already very late, and i don't even know what time i finally went to sleep

Hanging with Martin and Benny in Copenhagen, while Christel baked Christmas cookies

Sunday selfie because my friends apartment have better lighting for that than mine do... my next bedroom will be white too!

A way too quick classic Copenhagen Sunday brunch with Mille, before catching a train to the country side

Lucifer was stoked to be reunited with his people-grandparents

The farm where we bought our Christmas tree

It was a good one this year, even though i had to improvise and use New Years decorations cause i couldn't find the damn tinsel... still better than the year i made tinsel by cutting up tinfoil with a pair of scissors! 

Horsies i met while walking with my mom and Lucifer in the rain

My nephew loves iPhone cameras... fact!

Classic runaway chicken

Out for a long, cold walk with my mom, and my cousin's family

I feel like i did some extra good cowtography that day

Awesome nephews and one super annoyed dog

On our way home to Berlin, waiting at the airport wearing matching sweaters 

The Berlin we came home to was something of a winter wonderland, but it didn't last very long

How to make a 15 EU dress from h&m look like a million bucks? 
Add good shoes

New Years party was awesome

A new tradition is born; the family Christmas selfie


  1. Those cows are so cute! So are your and Lucifer's matching sweaters haha
    happy new year to you! 2015 will be better :)

  2. You and Lucifer in matching sweaters though. TOO MUCH.
    Here's to a fulfilling new year <3

  3. Jeg vil også gerne have en runaway chicken Haha. Jeres matchende sweaters billede er mega sødt, og får mit til at ønske jeg at jeg havde et kæledyr jeg kunne udsætte for det samme.

    1. Haha, må jeg anbefale en kylling med matchende sweater? Det ville være sejt!

    2. Uh det lyder som en meget fin ide, Gad vide hvor jeg kan finde en kylling sweater.

    3. I kyllinge sweater butikken...? Ok, måske bliver du nødt til at strikke den selv!