Monday, January 12, 2015

A day in Potsdam

I've probably mentioned this before, but what i love most about living in Berlin, is spending time with my friends. I love that i've made so many of them since moving here, that they're all amazing people, but mostly i love that at least some of them almost always have time to hang out.
When i lived in Copenhagen, i'd be lucky to see my best friends every four or five months, and because of that, my only really close friends became my husband and colleagues, the people i'd see every day.
Here, i see most of my friends weekly.
I'm even lucky enough  to live with one of them, and i live a mere seven minute walk from another.
And the rest, even though we don't all live in the same neighborhood, are always up for meeting up somewhere in our big city and go on an adventure.

Yesterday the gang, or the part of the gang that isn't currently either sick or traveling, decided to go on a day trip to Potsdam. An idea sparked by one friends need for exercise and another friend wanting to see as much stuff as possible before moving to Ireland.
So i met up with Mandy, Shannon and Jess for breakfast at Taubenschlag, and after consuming large amounts of eggs and coffee, we hopped on the Sbahn towards Potsdam.

The weather was absolute shit, as you can maybe tell from the first picture, and after a bit of unplanned urban exploration, and a bit of getting lost, we took a coffee and cake break at a cute little cafe next to the castle.
The castle was closed, by the way, possibly due to the wind, so instead of hanging around there, we jumped on a tourist bus, put on some crappy headphones from the 80's, and got ourselves some history!
But already at the first stop on the tour, we got caught in a massive thunder and hail storm, so the rest of our trip basically consisted of talking, eating and drinking, until it was time to head back to Berlin.
An excellent way to spend a Sunday, if you ask me.

Here are some (mostly) shitty pictures from our Sunday outing.
I brought  a toy camera along just for fun, but i kinda doubt any of those pictures are gonna turn out great, but i guess we'll see in a few months when i get around to finishing that film!

An abandoned house that had abandoned army barracks in the back

Cake and hot chocolate 

A closed Sanssouci, and my always super attractive friends 

After the snow (photo stolen from Shannon)

Questionable drinking decisions on the Sbahn, and five minutes after i took this picture, i had to change trains and do my questionable drinking alone... but it's ok, people in Berlin don't judge

The Sunday blues hit me as soon as i got back to the house, but at least i had this to finish, and now that it's finally done, i get to start a new one... after i do my Japanese homework, that is... ahem

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