Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I had the whole thing planned.
The 2014 untitled blog retrospective post!
I wrote it in my head already, but i'm not gonna type it and i'm not gonna post it.
Then last night i got some bad news, and i wrote a post about that instead.
But i'm not gonna post that either.
Not now anyway.

The thing is, 2014 has been too much and too big and too crazy for me to describe.
I wouldn't know where to start or how to describe it.
First of all, i've lost so many things.
Too many to count, but for starters: my home, my shop, my husband, my job, a few close friends, hope, an apprenticeship, security, my boyfriend, a life that made sense.
It sounds pretty bad and i've gotten more than a few "wow, you've had a rough year" comments recently, but for all the shit that's happened and all the things i've lost, it's nothing compared to what i've gained.
Which is myself, basically. And experience. Bravery. And the best friends i've ever had in my life.
I've gotten so much support from all over the world this year.
I now know that people generally are rooting for me, and want me to succeed, and knowing that friends and strangers from all over have so much faith in me, has made me a more confident person.
So i can't say 2014 has been a bad year.
The toughest of my life, maybe, but definitely not bad.
I've traveled alone several times, i've started learning a new language, i've gone on blind dates, gone up on a stage to sing in front of a room full of people, taken my top off in public to get an autograph on it, dressed the way i wanted, smoked a few cigarettes (they were gross, by the way), skated, danced, basically given very few fucks.
And i've had more fun this year alone than the last five years combined, possibly more!

It's the last day of the year and i'm still in my bathrobe, hungover from last night, cause i went out drinking to numb the pain of the previously mentioned bad news.
Not exactly healthy i know, but sometimes necessary!
And sitting here, writing this, i've never been more alone.
Like, this is probably the most alone i've been in my entire life.
And that's exactly how i wanna enter the new year.
Surrounded by good friends, but ultimately alone. Independent.
Cause that's how it's supposed to be, that's what my life is supposed to be right now.
My mantra this year has been "strength in solitude" and maybe it will continue to be in 2015.

So yeah, bad shit happened to me a lot this year, but when bad shit happens to me, i've learned to deal with it in a new way.
I become more awesome.
That sounds so douchey, i know, but i do and it works!
I take the pain, the hurt, the deceit and i let myself really feel that shit. I grieve for what i've lost.
That's what i'm doing today.
But when the grieving is over, i try to make myself a better person.
I step it up a notch.
And that's what i plan to keep doing.

Be more awesome. Be less trusting. Be a good friend. Be unafraid. Be a fucking unicorn.

I got my last pictures back from the lab yesterday (finally!) and i have the most beautiful Mexico photos edited, uploaded, and ready to post... but i'm more than a little mad at Mexico right now, to be honest, so it wouldn't feel right to post them today.

So instead i'm posting some maybe not-as-good photos from a trip to Denmark this summer.
I went with some of my best friends to visit my family in Bisserup.
We had a magical time.
And that's what i wanna take from this year.
Friends and family.
Not the lying, the cheating, the hurt.
Just myself, my friends and my family.

Hey, this turned into a retrospective post after all!

Have a fun and safe New Years Eve, everyone.
Thanks for sticking with the untitled blog through the longest slump ever, you're the best readers a lazy blogger like me could hope for.
I hope that we're all somehow able to make 2015 the best year of our lives.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Berlin... back to Berlin

Ahhhh... i just got back home after a wonderful Christmas with my family in Denmark.
I've been on the road with Lucifer all day, so all i wanna do right now is watch Netflix and attampt to eat my own body weight in popcorn.
But first, some iPhone randoms!

All of these are from before i went to Mexico, and well, yes, they're pretty random.
Wow, brain no work good.
I'll be back with better pictures, and better writing tomorrow... i hope.
I almost typed "lol" so you know it can't get much worse!

At the pumpkin festival in Schöneberg

I don't go for the pumpkins, i go for the alpacas!

I went back to the abandoned hospital in Beelitz with my friend Jess not too long ago... expect an analog post soon!


Sushi with my Wendies

Another shot of one of my favorite places on earth (no, really!)

On  my way to meet the Wendies at the Barn... don't know why i even remember that!


Me as a bear for Halloween... ok, not that scary, but i guess i was going for "easy costume" this year anyway!

Idiot twins, Lucifer butt, and a hidden Wendy behind the camera

Oh, they were so wonderfully long and gross, but i had to cut them before Mexico cause one of them broke

Pre burgers and hip hop

And during... the Prince Charles bathroom selfie is a tradition at this point!

This might have been the next day? It sure looks like classic hangover pizza!

Sometimes you go for a walk in the park and meet a goat... that's just Berlin for ya

Clothes-swap night at my place turned into drunken-dress-up-in-ridiculous-outfits night 

Hey Guys Girl Gang

And a painting i did

Saturday, December 27, 2014


This is kinda hard.
Having an open heart and a shit ton of feelings always is.
Stupid feels.

None of them were mine.
Not my friends, not my family, and i'll probably never see them again, but i miss them just the same.
I can't really write anything else for this one, but i like the photos too much to not post them.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Dog lady

Eat, nap, drink, repeat.
Is that what Christmas is about?
Cause that's what i've been doing for days.
Luckily the sun came out today, and i was able to go for a long walk with my family.
It got super friggin cold, so i had to carry Lucifer most of the way, but it was a beautiful walk by the sea and in the woods.
My cousin is here today too, with his wife and kids. I don't see them often.

These Mexico pictures are few and random.
I always have a few pictures here and there that don't really fit.
But those are great for days like this one, where i feel like posting, but don't feel much like writing.

I loved meeting the lady with the four xolo's. 
What a total badass! And she let me take as many pictures as i wanted.
Is it bad if i wanna end up a crazy old dog lady like her?
Today on our walk we met a couple, who had two chihuahua's in a stroller.
In a stroller!
And the stroller had blankets and a hot water bottle in it.
A hot water bottle!
They were nice, but don't ever let me become one of those people, ok?

I love being in the country with my family, but at the same time i can't wait to get back to Berlin.
If only to go to the photo store and pick up the rest of my damn pictures!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Flora at Roamers

First of all, Merry Christmas, awesome readers!
I don't know if anyone even reads blogs around Christmas, but i'm posting in case some of you do!
Also, i'm still in the country and it's raining, so i really have nothing better to do, and this way, at least i'm not eating non-stop.

As you all know by now, this isn't exactly a lifestyle blog, or a travel blog, or even a blog about Berlin for that matter, but for a while now i've been wanting to post more Berlin related stuff, restaurants and cafes in particular.
Not reviews, just sharing the places that i like visiting for whatever reason.

I never went out much when i lived in Copenhagen.
There were many reasons for that, but the main ones were that it's too expensive, you can't bring your dog anywhere, and i was kind of a boring married homebody.
Living in Berlin means exploring new places all the time, and lucky for me, i have a group of friends who live to try out new coffee, new food, and new venues.

I know at least some people visit this blog hoping to find tips for either Berlin, Tokyo or Copenhagen, and to make finding these tips easier, i've made a label called "Flora's Berlin" and i'll be applying that to future posts about food, coffee, cocktails, and other awesome things.
I plan to make yet another label for Tokyo too, particularly for vegetarians, since i tried so many awesome veggie places on my trip back in April.

The first Berlin place i wanna feature is called Roamers and it has been a favorite with me and my friends since our first visit, and we try to go there pretty much every weekend.
When i came back from Mexico, i asked my Wendies if we could go there for breakfast the next day cause i was pretty sure that their bread with avocado would be the only thing that could cure my travel blues.
It didn't quite do that, but it helped!
And it's one of those places i don't mind going to alone when i'm in the area, which i've been A LOT in the past months due to apartment hunting, cause it's cozy even when you're by yourself, and the staff is awesome at making everyone feel at home.

The food is delicious and reasonably priced, the coffee is good, and the decor is to fucking die for.
Not kidding, i want to steal everything and put it in my future apartment.
In fact, i'm pretty sure me and the owners have all read the same decorating books, and shopped at the same flea markets, cause their interior is so... me, that i almost compulsively have to instagram it every time i'm there.

You'll find Roamers on Pannierstrasse 64 in Neukölln, about a five minute walk from Hermannplatz.
If you're a client of Conspiracy Inc., as i know some of you are, it's about twenty minutes from the studio on the U7, so it's not a bad spot to get a nice breakfast before getting tattooed.

Do let me know if you end up visiting, and if not, just enjoy the (shitty iPhone) pictures!