Wednesday, May 21, 2014


So i already told you about my wonderful day in Paris, but i'm sorry, we're not quite done yet.
Yes, it is indeed time for the obligatory iPhone photo dump!
But hey, at least you get to see me look ridiculous in a helmet.

It's summer in Berlin again and all i wanna do is be outside, but i'll try to do some post-Japan blogging soon.
We need to catch up, guys!
Or, i do anyway.

Breakfast in the kitchen/garage

How i roll

High speed iPhotography... i have no idea how a person as clumsy as me managed to not drop her phone in traffic...

This was the weather

Perfect blue skies

Père Lachaise was amazing

"Fat Morrison has nothing on fat Kilmer"

Last one, promise

Just a couple of badasses, nbd

That's a real dog, no joke

Probably the best shop ever

If you like super awesome shit, that is

Kinda like Berlin, but prettier

Good coffee and a bad bag

At this point i was so sick i almost coughed up a lung, but it was still totally worth it


That vegetable shop again

Perfect end to my trip... they may have been better than Ladurée

Peace out

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