Monday, December 23, 2013

More countryside catch-up

No, i haven't gotten more articulate since my last post, but i will blog anyway, darn it!
I've been taking so many pictures since arriving in Denmark, and i'm thinking that if i don't post some of these old drafts, i probably never will.
So i'm basically doing exactly the opposite of what i said i was gonna do yesterday.
Yup, sounds about right!

Here are some iPhone shots from the last couple of weeks or so.
I did some surprise gardening, went to the Christmas market with my two friends named Wendy Pham (nope, no relation), got a lot of presents from my amazing husband (seriously though, he's the best), did a bunch of reading and walking and... the usual, i guess.

That's about as Christmas-y as the apartment got this year (the shop is slightly more festive)

I never thought i'd grow a normal sized potato, much less grow it in December!

I've been baking regularly and i'm pretty proud of myself for keeping it up

My winter book-stack keeps growing taller and taller cause my awesome husband keeps buying me awesome books (although i did buy these ones myself)


My favorite spot on the otherwise less than charming Potsdamer Strasse


Happy bear at the Christmas market

One of the two Wendies about to eat a Quarkbällchen or something like that (we basically ate our way through that market!) 

Lovely day for a trip to the city

Lucifer trapped in a vintage toy windowsill of emotion

Someone moved into the garden... judging by the size i'm guessing either rat or very fat mouse?

Another Christmas calendar present; this one is as much for him as it is for me, but i don't mind

And another book, this one is from the used bookstore next door that sometimes have English titles, and it's really pretty

Long walk last week, shopping for presents


Long leg warmers (also from Allan) are pretty great when your jeans are more hole than fabric 

Huh, that wasn't so bad!
I mean, the writing, sure, but posting old stuff even if i wasn't in the mood for it was kind of ok.
But i am already looking forward to getting back home so i can get my films developed.
Nature overload coming up!


  1. Flot flot flot mus og flotte flotte billeder og flotte flotte ben i gule sokker :)

  2. Jeg havde godt nok svært ved at bevise, at jeg ikke er en robot, dog! :D