Friday, December 6, 2013

First snow

Last night there was a storm over Europe, and even though we normally don't get any real wind in Berlin, we definitely got a taste too.
And this morning, we woke up to snow.
Not the good kind, though, the wet, icky kind that doesn't stay long, but makes everything you wear soaking wet.
But it's ok, other countries, or even other areas of this one, had it way worse.

Speaking of things that are gross, i got sick about a week ago.
It's my second cold this season, and while i'm still feeling it, at least it's a lot easier than the first one.
Maybe i need to get back on Team Green Smoothie soon, cause i normally only catch one cold per year (i do however sniffle all year round!) but i won't be doing any grocery shopping today.
Today i plan on staying in, as much as my dog will allow me anyway.

Lots of stuff has been happening at the bunker since my last post, but i'm not really in a wordy mood today, so scroll on down and see for yourself!

Chamomile cat

At least i can still taste the good things

Epic client presents from last week, thanks Claire and Paul

We finally got a new sink, almost a month after i broke the old one

Worlds best husband made me a Christmas calendar this year, and as usual, he's completely missing the point of giving little present leading up to a bigger one for Christmas... i can only assume i'll be the lucky owner of a pony when we reach December 24th!

Work lunch, that tasted good, but gave me a tummy ache... i am very sensitive when it comes to noodles...

Spacetiiiights! Another fantastic present, and the worlds cutest little sidekick hiding behind it

A couple of days ago we finally decided to work a bit on a very old tattoo of mine, and Lucifer was happy to keep me company

It was pretty brutal, but quick, and i can't wait to continue

Sooo... i should probably open these, right?

Hair inspiration at the moment; Electrick Pick's Turbo Drome... i seriously gotta find a good hair place here!

We went to Mitte yesterday with our friend Other Wendy (when you know more than one, that's what happens) and it was gloomy, but nice, and we had an amazing lunch... apparently we're all about the eating these days, guys!

Snow in the yard this morning

At least i have this new sweater to keep me warm... thanks, husband!

I'm hoping to have some real photos to share soon.
Until then, grainy iPhone goodness is all i have!


  1. Whoa those gifts are already fantastic, you're right, definitely a pony on the 24th. Or A GIRAFFE

  2. I recently discovered your blog through instagram, and I really must say
    that I like it very much! :) Your photos are always great, beautiful and inspiring, so keep it up!

    And good luck with learning german... I mean, I don't know how hard it is to learn german, because it's my mother language, but I heard from some friends that learning german can be... a bit hard ;)

    And for the 24th, I am betting on a dinosaur XD

    1. Yay, i'm so happy i actually get readers (or probably reader) from instagram! Welcome and thank you!
      Fingers crossed for a dinosaur, that would be WAY cooler than a pony.

  3. Yay, I'm so glad you liked the gifts! I was so nervous giving you the Lucifer embroidery, especially to two talented people like yourself and Allan. It was so lovely seeing you guys, even if it involved pain.

  4. I love the spacetights! I miss Berlin. Wish we had booked to fly into Berlin again rather than Frankfurt next Easter (but my husband hasn't been and we've decided to visit new places).