Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First of the last

Sometimes when i look at my camera and there are only a few shots left, i just take them, real quick, so i can change the roll and start a new one.
Usually those last few shots are of my house, and this last roll was no different.
Well, my house and the Sunday coffee shop.

Speaking of coffee, i normally only drink decaf, except on Sunday's when we go to a coffee place that doesn't have decaf.
So on Sundays i'll have a "real" cup of coffee, and just try to prepare myself for being in a slightly altered state of mind for the rest of the day.
But on Sunday last week, i just couldn't handle it very well, and my whole day was basically ruined by nerves and anxiety, so this Sunday i just went and hung out and watched Allan drink coffee.
Not as fun! Not very fun at all, actually.
Maybe next time i'll bring a thermo cup with coffee from home or something?
Sometimes being... different, requires some planning!

Yesterday i spent a good hour and a half wrapping the presents we are taking with us to Denmark for Christmas.
We've cut down a lot in that department, not cause i don't like giving presents, but because of the transport thing.
But there were still so many, somehow.

So, i just started by posting the last shots from this most recent film, and i don't really know why, but i've got lots more to come, and maybe i'll post them over Christmas?
I'm looking forward to going to Denmark, actually.
Looking forward to long, icy walks on the beach with my mom and Lucifer.
And to hopefully catching a Frida Kahlo exhibition at a museum near Copenhagen.
Seeing some nature will be nice.
I miss nature sometimes.


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